9 Summer Gift Ideas For Your Techy Mates

9 Summer Gift Ideas For Your Techy Mates
Contributor: Jared Richards
This article is sponsored by EcoFlow.

Wondering what to gift the tech guru in your life? We get it, they’re incredibly hard to buy for. Christmas is around the corner now, and they probably already own a bunch of the coolest new gadgets. And then, if you dare to ask which they might like, chances are they’ll say, “not sure” or “I like anything”. How helpful!

But have no fear: we have a handle on the cutting-edge tech they’re no doubt all across but haven’t quite gotten around to purchasing yet.

And better yet, we’re giving this gift guide a Summer slant, because who wants to wait to use their gifts? From EcoFlow‘s ultra-powerful portable batteries and tech to smart water bottles and waterproof speakers, here’s our guide to the gifts sure to impress your techy mates. You might even want to snap a few up yourself!

The Gift Of Power, Always

True tech-heads know the importance of backup power stations for the home, ensuring they’ll have electricity no matter the circumstances. EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro is an ultra-powerful and portable home battery, with a 3.6kWh capacity that can be expanded up to 25kWh, and is considered the world’s fastest charging portable power station too with the ability to fully charge in 1.9 hours. It’s the ultimate backup in a power outage!

And with easy integration into the home via its Smart Home Panel and ability to power heavy-duty appliances like dryers, AC units and more, the DELTA Pro ensures that life can continue as normal even off the grid. Plus, you can pair it with the 400W Solar Panels, for recharging in just 11 to 22 hours.

Air Conditioning, Anywhere

While we’re talking EcoFlow, their Wave portable air conditioner is perfect for both small rooms and any tech-heads on the go, too. Taking just eight minutes to cool a smart to medium-sized space (small apartments, vans, RVs, camping set-ups), and with eight hours of run time at full charge, this sleek and small machine is a great way to give the gift of cool this Summer. And, you can save up to $700 by snapping up the brand’s sweet Christmas deals.

Smart Yoga

In 2022, yoga and technology met in harmony with the growing trend of smart mats, clothing and even posture-improving tech. From mats that connect to apps to improve and track your postures, like the YogiFi Smart Mat, and performance to wearable tech like the Upright Pose 2, which vibrates when it senses your shoulders are slumping, there’s a whole range of cutting-edge, new tech for those looking to improve their zen.

Glowing Water Bottles

Drinking 2L of water a day is a struggle for most, and while Nalgelene bottles (and their competitors) do their best to promote daily intake with their fun prints advising how much you’ve drunk in a day, sometimes it’s all too easy to ignore. Maybe your friend needs a little nudge in the right direction; how about a water bottle that tracks intake, and glows in colour when it’s time to rehydrate, and helps you reach and reflect upon your hydration goals with an app?

Instant print mini-photos

Make the memory instant with a mini-photo printer that connects to a smartphone. Canon’s IVY prints small 2×3 inch pic with a peel-away stick back, and is small enough to fit in your pocket. Plus, you can edit the pics, add graphics and it’s available in three colours, too: rose gold, mint green and slate grey.

Portable Projectors

For the friend who loves a binge-watch over the summer break, LG’s portable projector with a built-in battery is a perfect gift. It offers full HD resolution (1920 x 1080), easy pairing with Bluetooth speakers and AirPlay and mirroring capability from iOS and Android devices, making everything nice and easy — as it should be.

Massage Guns

Summer’s the season for sport, adventure and outdoor activities, which means muscles are getting a serious workout  (sometimes for the first time in months). Massage guns aren’t a luxury; they’re a quality-of-life improvement that will have your friend thanking you every time they work out that knot and massage those calves. The Theragun PRO may be the most famous, but there are plenty of high-tech, high-quality massage guns out there, too.

Smart Eye Mask

Chances are, your techy mate spends a lot of time staring at a screen, so given them these Therabody SmartGoggles to give their eyes a break. For sleep, focus or stress, this eye mask is powered with a biometric sensor that works to lower heart rate. Plus, with modes that massage, vibrate and heat, they’re a great way to kick back and relax.

A Bluetooth Speaker

Set your mate up for a summer of fun with a bluetooth speaker like this JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker. It’s waterproof and has 12 hours of playing time, so is the perfect companion to keep a party going whether it’s by the pool, at the beach, or just at home!

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