Chainsaw Man’s Latest Ending Song Has a Bloody Great Music Video

Chainsaw Man’s Latest Ending Song Has a Bloody Great Music Video

The first season of Chainsaw Man came to an end this week, and with it the MAPPA anime’s trend of eclectic, inventive ending sequences, each episode’s credits soundtracked by a different artist. It saved one of its best choices for last in Eve’s “Fight Song,” which itself has a pretty slick anime video.

Animated and directed by frequent Eve collaborator Marie Yasui, known by their handle Mariyasu, the video strikes a very different tone for Eve’s latest track than the ED sequence for Chainsaw Man’s 12th episode, “Katana vs. Chainsaw.” Where that was all about chill vibes as Denji, Power, and Aki relax after their victory against the Katana Devil, the actual music video for “Fight Song” is part supernatural underground fight club, part rescue story, as a young man bloodily brawls his way through demonic goons and their bosses in order to protect a young girl.

Said young girl seemingly can turn into a dragon, which is just one of the many cool things about this gorgeous video. The action is crisp and wonderfully framed, the world is immediately engrossing. But perhaps the most fun thing is that the video keeps going after the end of the song, with a cute faux gag reel of the video’s characters acting like they were actually shooting a music video. It’s a fun way to make this little world we’re introduced to in just a handful of minutes feel a little more alive beyond the demon-punching fun times.

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