James Gunn Has a Future For the DCU’s Superman

James Gunn Has a Future For the DCU’s Superman

Lee Cronin teases Evil Dead Rise’s connections to the wider franchise. Bryce Dallas Howard will lead Disney+’s Witch Mountain reboot. Plus, filming wraps on Dune 2, and check out two more sneak peeks at Sonic Prime. Spoilers away!

James Gunn Has a Future For the DCU’s Superman


In response to a fan on Twitter, James Gunn confirmed Superman “is a huge priority” in his vision of the DCU going forward, “if not the biggest priority.”

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse/Spider-Verse 3

In a recent interview with TotalFilm (via Game Radar), Across the Spider-Verse co-director Kemp Powers revealed the Spot will remain the central villain of the third Spider-Verse movie.

The Spot is an interesting villain because he seems like a joke, but when you really look at his powers, there’s incredible potential. His ability to open portals across dimensions sets him up perfectly for the Spider-Verse. He’s the villain of the next two films… and let’s just say that the Spot and Miles are connected in surprising ways.

John Wick: Chapter 4

Also speaking with Total Film (via /Film), Chad Stahleski stated John Wick: Chapter 4 “has a very Japanese theme to it” about “friendship” and “the art of living.”

I’m a huge fan of Chambara films — sword-fighting films, samurai films — from Harakiri to Seven Samurai. I can literally name off all 26 episodes of Zatoichi, plus the TV shows! So, obviously, that’s a huge influence. This one has a very Japanese theme to it. It’s about a certain code, whether it’s friendship or the art of living. Even though everyone in the movie is a bad guy, there’s a code.

Evil Dead Rise

Lee Cronin also promised TotalFilm (via /Film) that Evil Dead Rise is “firmly set in the universe” of the previous movies and will include “a lot of fun callbacks” to the franchise.

It still needed to maintain some of the claustrophobia and that translated really well from the cabin into an urban environment. This is about a family in a rundown building stuck in their apartment, so it follows the same rhythm but puts it in a more contemporary space.

It’s firmly in the universe. There’s a lot of fun callbacks, and there are direct lines to the past. But part of the goal of making this movie was to create something that could expand the Evil Dead universe further.

Meanwhile, ComingSoon has a new photo of the film’s cast.

Photo: New Line Cinema
Photo: New Line Cinema

Dune: Part Two

Filming has officially wrapped on Dune: Part Two, according to Timothée Chalamet on Instagram.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part 1

IMAX theatres will begin previewing an “exclusive behind-the-scenes look” at Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning, Part 1 starting this Thursday.

Circle Line

A rat-dinosaur hybrid attacks a subway car in the trailer for Circle Line, Singapore’s first-ever giant monster movie.

Witch Mountain

Disney+ has ordered a pilot for a TV series based on 1975’s Escape to Witch Mountain starring Bryce Dallas Howard, Isabel Gravitt, and Levi Miller. Set “in the shadow of the titular mount,” the pilot follows Tia (Gravitt) and Ben (Miller) “two teens that develop strange abilities and in turn discover that their sleepy suburb may not be as idyllic as it seems.” Howard has been cast as Audrey, Tia and Ben’s “loving mother” whose “husband died from a mental illness. Ever since, she has tried to reassure Tia that she shows no sign of following her father’s dark spiral.” [TV Line]

Quantum Leap

TV Line reports NBC has renewed Quantum Leap for a second season.

The Nevers

HBO Max has cancelled Joss Whedon’s The Nevers and plans to remove the series from its servers entirely. Though “only the first half of the show’s 12-episode order has aired,” Variety notes “the remaining six could eventually stream on another platform” somewhere down the line.

Real Steel: The Series

In conversation with Collider, Shawn Levy stated he’s “finally getting really excited” at the prospect of TV series based on his 2011 boxing robot movie.

I will say that we heard a lot of pitches. And I realised, over the course of those pitches, that I am fiercely protective of Real Steel. I’d rather make no show than the wrong show. And I finally heard a take that takes the lore of the movie and does some really exciting things with it. I’m finally getting really excited about where we’re headed.

Star Trek: Prodigy

Dal swaps minds with a Starfleet Admiral in the synopsis for “Mindwalk,” this week’s episode of Star Trek: Prodigy.

Desperate to warn Starfleet of their dilemma, a daring experiment goes awry as Dal inadvertently swaps minds with a Starfleet Vice Admiral.

Written By: Julie Benson, Shawna Benson

Directed By: Sung Shin

[Spoiler TV]

His Dark Materials

The seedpod-rolling mulefa debut in the trailer for next week’s episode of His Dark Materials, “No Way Out.”


Sonic Prime

Finally, Sonic meets Baby Eggman while an alternate universe Amy brings down her ubiquitous giant hammer in two new clips from Sonic Prime.

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