Samsung Takes a Jab at Apple for Not Making a Folding iPhone

Samsung Takes a Jab at Apple for Not Making a Folding iPhone

In the latest Samsung vs Apple feud, the Korean phone maker has mocked its competitor for not creating a foldable device.

Samsung used the world cup as the stage to take a quick shot at Apple. Using its Galaxy Z Flip 3 to represent people in a stadium, Samsung poked fun at the iPhone maker for not creating a folding device.

The ad was posted to Weibo, but was reposted to YouTube by 9to5mac’s Chance Miller. The non-foldable in the ad is pretty clearly an iPhone, as it has the top-screen line that characterises modern iPhones (though it is lacking the rear cameras).

The post on Weibo translates to: “A game without waves is not a complete carnival. It’s time to fold together!” (via Google Translate)

This isn’t particularly new for Samsung, they love to have a bit of fun with Apple. Just last month, Samsung released an ad teasing ‘on the fence’ iPhone owners about making the switch, also taking the opportunity to rub in the fact that there’s no foldable iPhone.

We know Apple’s interested in a foldable. Leaks and rumours are circulating across the internet, and last month, a YouTuber successfully created a fully functioning foldable iPhone (creatively called the iPhone V).

But Apple’s not ready yet, and it looks like it won’t be for a while.

However, OPPO’s continuing its push into the foldables space (with a new device) and Google’s foldable might debut in May 2023.

Not to be coy, but foldables are still a very limited niche. They’re expensive, there are not many on the market in Australia at the moment (with the only options from Samsung and Motorola) and there are still valid problems with mid-screen warping.

Still, Samsung makes a great point, I’d love to have a foldable Apple or Google phone. That would rule.

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