Your Next iPad Pro or MacBook Air Could Have an OLED Display

Your Next iPad Pro or MacBook Air Could Have an OLED Display

Life is a little more pleasing with a high quality display, which is why this tweet from display supply chain consultant Ross Young tickles us. In a tweet available only to Super Follower subscribers (I am one!), Young says that 2024’s iPad Pro and MacBook Air models will be the first of Apple’s non-handheld tech to don OLED displays. The tweet simply states:

Apple will introduce a 13.3″ OLED MacBook Air in 2024 along with its 11″ and 12.9″ OLED iPad Pro’s [sic].

There’s also mention of an OLED-equipped Microsoft Surface on the horizon, indicating a “big year” ahead for the display technology.

Young is considered a trusted source after successfully pointing to the arrival of devices like 2022’s iPhone SE. Young previously hinted that OLED is coming to the iPad Pro, first in June and then again in October. But this latest report finally lands on a display sizes for Apple’s tablets. They include the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models, which currently use LCD, or what Apple calls its Liquid Retina display.

By switching to OLED, as Apple has for the iPhone and Apple Watch, the company can offer a display with more saturated colour elements and a higher refresh rate — that should pair particularly well with the iPad Pro now that it’s running a desktop-based processor, Apple’s M-series chip. However, OLED isn’t a perfect technology. It still carries the risk of burn-in, though it’s comparatively cheaper than the brighter micro-LED display technology Apple purchased years ago. That technology is expected to roll out with the company’s mixed reality headset, whenever that comes.

The 13.3-inch MacBook Air was mentioned in Young’s tweetstorm as also getting an OLED upgrade. This aligns with previous reporting from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, though that report referred to the 15-inch MacBook Air. Regardless, we’re getting OLED on more Apple devices down the line, which will bode well for the product lineup. As Apple pushes its iPad Pro toward those who want a MacBook replacement, it may also start courting those who want a smaller machine with a better resolution for things like editing photos and video on the go — or simply watching a video in bed.