I’m in Love With Dell’s New Gaming Laptop

I’m in Love With Dell’s New Gaming Laptop

Dell and Alienware have delivered at CES 2023 with a range of new laptops, some of which looking absolutely gorgeous with a unique retro look.

If you didn’t know, Alienware is a subsidiary of Dell. Alienware was bought by the computing giant in 2006 and largely focuses on a gaming product range, While Dell mostly focuses on lifestyle, productivity and business. That being said, Dell still has a ‘G’ series for gamers.

And holy cow do these new G series laptops look good.

The 2023 Dell G series

dell alienware ces 2023
Image: Dell

While Alienware prides itself on computers that look like sci-fi props and spaceships, Dell usually keep things more grounded. That is except for the G series, which takes design inspiration from the Alienware range with a similar chassis, without as much RGB.

This year, Dell’s G series will include some pretty hot designs, as you can see above. That purple and mint one? Gosh, I need it.

The range includes two devices: the G15 and the G16 (the numbers indicating the screen size in inches).

The G15 includes a 1920 x 1080 (120hz) screen, with the option to upgrade to a 165hz sRGB display, while the G16 includes a 2560 x 1600 (165hz) sRGB display with the option to upgrade to a 240hz panel.

Both laptops pack 13th-generation Intel processors, between the Core i5 and the Core i9 (your choice). You can also choose between 8GB RAM and up to 32GB RAM, with the option of between 256GB and 2TB NVME SSD storage.

GPU specs haven’t been announced yet, but the spec sheet indicates that it’ll include a “next-gen” Nvidia Geforce card.

And finally, the G15 is available in black, white, white with a blue thermal shelf and purple with a mint shelf. The G16 is available in black or white.

Australian price points and colour availability haven’t been announced, but rough U.S. pricing has:

  • Dell G15: about $US849, or about $1,242 in Australia
  • Dell G16 about $US1,499 or about $2,193 in Australia

Alienware’s revamped range

At CES 2023, Dell announced that the Alienware range would be getting a revamp. Going forward, the range would include a 14, 16 18-inch laptop (the 18-inch offering a full-size keyboard), as opposed to 15 and 17-inch devices. We reviewed Alienware’s 2022 17-inch laptop last year and loved it, even if it was a loud thing.

These new laptops would also include a redesign of the Alienware Command Centre (which you control RGB through), Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, 16:10 displays, a new bottom foot design to encourage better airflow, and an “element 31” thermal interface for both the CPU and GPU, to optimise heat dissipation.

These new devices will also include Nvidia’s RTX 40 GPUs and Intel’s 13th generation of processors, along with the option of AMD Radeon and Ryzen GPUs and CPUs (along with NVME SSD storage, up to 4TB and up to 64GB RAM on the M16/M18 and 32GB RAM on the X14/X16). Keep in mind though that some laptops won’t have access to some GPUs.

Additionally, different screens are available across the entire product range, from 1920 x 1200 to 2560 x 1600, with different refresh rates available. The X14 is only available with a 1920 x 1200 screen.

The 16-inch laptop, Alienware’s first 16-inch laptop since 2004, is billed as the ‘most luxurious Alienware let’, with a focus on complimenting the user’s lifestyle beyond gaming. as such, it looks and feels more premium than its M series counterparts. The X14 is also billed as the “world’s thinnest 14-inch gaming laptop” by Dell.

Again, Australian price points and colour availability haven’t been announced, but rough U.S. pricing has been shared:

  • Alienware X14: about $US1,799, or about $2,634 in Australia
  • Alienware X16: about $US3,099, or about $4,538 in Australia
  • Alienware M16: about $US2,599 or about $3,805 in Australia
  • Alienware M18: about $US2,899, or about $4,245 in Australia

And that’s about it for Dell and Alienware’s laptop announcements at CES 2023. I can’t wait to give one a try.

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