Meet the Titans, DC Comics’ New Justice League

Meet the Titans, DC Comics’ New Justice League

For years, the Titans have been one of those superhero teams that DC Comics hasn’t entirely known what to do with. The members who’ve defined the superhero team have mainly been locked off to other team or solo books during the “Rebirth” era, or headlined limited books as a way to semi-link up with the recently ended Titans show. But as the DC universe is entering a new dawn, the publisher is putting a more active effort in pushing the team to the big leagues.

To that point, Tom Taylor and Nicola Scott are working on a new Titans book whose intended mission statement is taking the team “to the forefront of the DC Universe.” Revealed earlier in the week, the new book will pick up where Taylor and Bruno Redondo’s Nightwing #100, which ended with a new Titans Tower being set up in Bloodhaven. Along with Nightwing himself, the book will be headlined by Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg (who’s also headlining a solo book from Morgan Hampton and Tom Raney), Donna Troy’s Wonder Girl, and Wally West as the Flash. And what’s more, the Titans are intended to replace the Justice League as DC’s premier team, though the League itself will still be around in the current DC publishing line.

Of the Titans being the new League, Taylor argued that the potential has “always been there” throughout the decades. In the aftermath of Dark Crisis, Taylor felt that it was a good opportunity to follow through on that potential. And what’s more, the book won’t involve the Titans wondering if they can step up to take the place of their mentors. “They’re not teenagers anymore. They haven’t been for a long time,” said Scott. “As this group of characters comes together to fill the shoes of the Justice League…they’re not deciding to call themselves the Justice League. They’re 100% the Titans.”

Image: Simone di Meo/DC Comics
Image: Simone di Meo/DC Comics

“They’re going to fight Justice League threats, the Titans way,” continued Taylor. “Now in 2023, the Titans get to step up and be the premiere superhero team of the DC Universe. So that’s ridiculously exciting that we finally get to fulfil that.”

Titans #1 will release on May 16.

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