65 Looks Like the Best Jurassic Park Movie in Years

65 Looks Like the Best Jurassic Park Movie in Years

The first trailer for the new Adam Driver movie 65 revealed exactly what the title meant, in an amazing way. What starts as a futuristic sci-fi story reveals itself to be some kind of time-travel movie where a man with advanced technology finds himself on Earth at the time of the dinosaurs.

That fantastically glorious reveal was the point of the first trailer — but now, for the Super Bowl, it’s time to open things up a bit. And though this new 65 spot is a mere 30 seconds long, it’s got a very satisfying little run of new dinosaur action that makes some of the recent Jurassic Park movies (not naming names, but totally naming names) look boring by comparison.

Also, we’re not sure if you noticed the title of that video but “65 Million Years Ago, Big Game Meant Something Very Different” is another stroke of brilliance. One of the rare instances where not using “Super Bowl” really works to the film’s advantage. (Sony also released the spot Thursday night, 65 hours before the start of the Super Bowl, just as another fun aside.)

Written and directed by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (A Quiet Place), and produced by Sam Raimi, 65 follows a pilot named Mills (Adam Driver) who crashes on a mysterious planet only to realise it’s Earth, 65 million years ago. To get home, he takes the only other survivor of his crash, a young girl named Koa (Ariana Greenblatt), on a trek across the Jurassic park… land of Earth.

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