NBN’s New Product Aims to Make Public Spaces Smarter

NBN’s New Product Aims to Make Public Spaces Smarter

Last year, NBN Co thought it would be a cool idea to make its internet available in areas that weren’t just your home or an office, branding the initiative as ‘Smart Places’, you know, because it made a place smart.

Well, today, the company responsible for rolling out the National Broadband Network has made that dream a reality. NBN Co has announced a new wholesale product –called Smart Places – designed to allow communities to connect to smart infrastructure and other Internet of Things (IoT)-style kit outside of buildings.

These smart things, NBN Co executive general manager of new developments Andrew Walsh said, include the likes of digital billboards, public Wi-Fi in parks, traffic lights and CCTV.

“NBN will use innovative new equipment – miniaturised, ruggedised and reverse-powered network connection devices – that enable the power of the NBN network to be delivered to demanding outdoor locations that just aren’t serviceable using standard equipment,” he said in a statement.

Essentially, NBN extends its fibre network to eligible non-premises locations to offer a single network termination device (NTD) that plugs into non-premises equipment from where it is powered.

“People want to be able to spend time outdoors while still enjoying the benefits of smart devices, applications and solutions,” Walsh explained.

Not bad.

Before heading to market with its offering, NBN Co tested fibre connectivity to 35 locations in three states. It reckons the trial was a success, so now it’s moving forward with the idea. Obviously, this is a wholesale product from NBN, so it will be telcos and the like that will decide what they’re now going to offer by way of Smart Places connectivity options.

“A smart place (or smart cities as they’re often known) integrates technology into the surrounding built or natural environment to increase liveability, sustainability and productivity for residents and businesses,” Walsh continued. Side note, you can read our thoughts on smart cities over here.

“NBN Smart Places is a great way to create truly connected places when developers are designing their masterplan community and smart cities of the future,” the company said.

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