First Mario Bros. Movie Reactions Say It Brings Fan Service, But Not Much Else

First Mario Bros. Movie Reactions Say It Brings Fan Service, But Not Much Else

There was never going to be a world where Illumination’s Super Mario Bros. movie wasn’t going to be a big deal. But after that initial reveal where Chris Pratt got announced to play Mario alongside Charlie Day’s Luigi and Jack Black’s Bowser, the energy around the film has gradually shifted as more footage for it’s been released. Ahead of its release next week, it sounds like The Super Mario Bros. Movie is what some of its more recent promos have indicated: a pretty solid flick that’ll hit big with families and nostalgic Nintendo fans.

The film’s social media embargo ended last night to coincide with its red carpet premiere, and impressions seem to be mostly positive. The animation, its faithfulness to the games appear to be the highlights, along with the score from film composer Brian Tyler. And if those things matter to you, several impressions have noted it contains a good amount of easter eggs and fan service.

Conversely, folks such as our own Germain Lussier, have called it out for having a weak narrative and leaning a little too hard on the kiddie humour that runs through Illumination films, so that’s also something to consider. As far as the voices go, Black’s take on Bowser has been getting talked up the most, though it sounds like Luigi’s a close second and Pratt does a solid job with Mario.

Unlike most blockbusters, Super Mario Bros. is coming out in the US on Wednesday, April 5 rather than starting its theatrical run on Friday the 7th. Midweek releases can do well in theatres, and coming out a few days ahead of the weekend can help spread word of mouth for Thursday night and weekend showings. Having a 92-minute runtime probably doesn’t hurt, either.

Look for our review of The Super Mario Bros. Movie in the next couple of days.

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