Tesla Bots Are Walking Slowly Towards Us

Tesla Bots Are Walking Slowly Towards Us

In what might potentially be one of the most unsettling videos I’ve seen in a while, Tesla has given an update about its humanoid robots which can now walk and pick things up.

That means that yes, Elon Musk has actually followed up on a promise that the automotive company will deliver fully-functioning robots, the Tesla Bot.

Allegedly, these bots are meant to help our everyday lives, which I don’t know how much to trust that claim but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Check out the Tesla Bot Update below.

Did anyone else get a shiver down their spine?

As you can see, the Tesla robots seem to be almost production-ready and can now walk (very slowly, still creepily) without falling flat on their face as well as pick up objects and identify what they are.

If you remember, Musk and Tesla revealed two iterations of the Tesla Bot last year at the company’s AI Day. At the time, the robots didn’t really do all too much. The first version, dubbed Bumble C, walked (nay, stumbled) around the stage and waved at the audience. Musk said that Bumble C will eventually mature into what ‘Optimus’ is meant to be.

The second version was sold to the audience as the more developed robot that sported additional hardware and plating. However, this version didn’t really walk but just tumbled around the stage to rather nervous onlooking Tesla staff.

After the showcase, Musk promised that the robots can do a whole lot more than what was previewed. Well, it seems like he wasn’t lying because now it seems like the Tesla robot can do all sorts of totally mundane things in very creepy ways.

As explained in the new Tesla Bot video shared today as part of the company’s investor showcase, the robots have motor torque control, showing that they will sensor objects, like an egg, without crushing them. They also have environment discovery and memorisation, end-to-end manipulation allowing them to pick things up. Oh, their AI systems are trained from human demonstration, what could possibly go wrong with that?

So, why is Tesla building robots? To mow lawns.

We aren’t joking. The main objective of the Tesla Bot is to serve its owners and take care of mundane chores that we don’t want to do, like mowing lawns and cooking. Musk also said that he wants them to care for the elderly and I don’t know how well that would go down.

Imagine seeing this thing in your neighbour’s yard just wandering around with a lawn mower. I would truly think I’d woken up in a sci-fi movie.

At least they don’t run, that would freak me out. Although I think the slow-moving Tesla robots also scare me. I think I’m just scared in general.

No word on the Tesla Catgirl Robots just yet.

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