Sony’s Upcoming Handheld PlayStation Device Leaks Online

Sony’s Upcoming Handheld PlayStation Device Leaks Online

Project Q, Sony’s new handheld gaming device intended as a companion to the PlayStation 5, is one of the more hotly anticipated handheld accessories in the gaming world at the moment, but we’re still quite in the dark about it.

That being said – the device has leaked, and in July 2023, we got to see someone using it in the flesh. Here’s what we’ve picked up on Project Q.

What is Project Q?

Project Q is a portable gaming device being developed by Sony through its PlayStation subsidiary. Rather than being a completely contained device with powerful enough specs to run demanding games (such as the ROG Ally or Steam Deck), Project Q is instead designed to play games over Wi-Fi, as streamed from your PlayStation.

The device was first shown off in May 2023 during a PlayStation showcase live stream.

“Later this year, we will launch a dedicated device that will enable you to stream any game from your PS5 console, using Remote Play, over Wi-Fi,” the narrator of the reveal said.

For games to be played on the handheld device, they need to be installed on your PS5 console. This excludes VR games. The games stream over Wi-Fi, so having a capable router is a must-have.

Project Q leak

On July 22, 2023, Project Q leaked on Twitter. User @Zuby_Tech posted several images of the device, including footage of the device scrolling through menus.

The leaked footage showed the device running what appeared to be an Android operating system – whether or not that represents the final product, or if it will instead run an operating system similar to the PlayStation 5’s own, we’ll have to wait and see.

It’s definitely unlikely that the final operating system will look like this, though. This is pretty obviously a development environment for the team behind the device. Don’t take the above leak as the final product.

How powerful is Project Q?

Obviously, we don’t have performance specs and benchmarks to share with you at the time of writing, but the only thing we can for sure confirm is that the machine has an 8-inch 1080p (HD) screen, operating at 60hz (as detailed during the May reveal).

In terms of internal specifications, it’s important to remember that this is largely a streaming device. It’s not designed for PlayStation’s library of incredible games to run off a Switch-sized console, it’s intended to stream those games from your PlayStation 5, to be played on the Project Q. With that in mind, don’t expect the specs to be too groundbreaking when they finally get revealed.

Finally, Project Q has a controller-style layout, based on the Dual Sense, the controller sold with the PlayStation 5. The controls appear to be identical to the Dual Sense controller, minus the touch bar that the controller typically has in the middle.

Can Project Q be used outside of the home?

Project Q has been billed so far as an in-house streaming device, so taking it outside of the home and using it in public or away from your house is unlikely to work. Whether or not Sony will release a cloud-enabled device that will allow you to play games on the go, we’ll have to wait and see. Sorry, Vita and PSP fans.

Project Q release date

Sony has said that Project Q will be launched in 2023, but whether or not this will include Australia during the first release window is still to be confirmed. Considering that Valve is still yet to bring the Steam Deck to Australia, time will tell if Sony will approach its new handheld device similarly.

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