Star Trek Celebrates 50 Years of Animation With Retro Takes on Iconic Heroes

Star Trek Celebrates 50 Years of Animation With Retro Takes on Iconic Heroes

It’s been 50 years since Star Trek: The Animated Series boldly brought the classic Enterprise crew to the second dimension—and while Trek’s animated legacy certainly has ups and downs right now, it’s not stopping Paramount from celebrating in a suitably animated fashion.

Announced today at San Diego Comic-Con, Paramount confirmed that it is partnering with creative consultant Casper Kelly—who worked on the Star Trek: Short Treks anthology minisode project, as well as the viral internet sensation Too Many Cooks—to create a series of promotional spots rendering post-original-series Trek heroes in the retro aesthetic of The Animated Series.

Revealed today were character designs for Deep Space Nine’s Quark, The Next Generation’s Riker, and Discovery’s Saru, with two more to be revealed later this year on Star Trek Day, September 8. Armin Shimmerman, Jonathan Frakes, and Doug Jones respectively will all reprise their roles in the promos.

Image: IDW

As well as the promo spots, Kelly will work with comics publisher IDW to release Star Trek: The Animated Celebration Presents The Scheimer Barrier, a digital-first comics one shot in the style of The Animated Series. The comic will debut digitally on the official Star Trek website in September, before a physical edition is available at New York Comic-Con in October.

We’ll bring you more from Paramount’s celebration of Star Trek: The Animated Series as and when we learn it.

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