Wheel of Time, Interview With the Vampire, and Other Comic-Con Cancellations

Wheel of Time, Interview With the Vampire, and Other Comic-Con Cancellations

With SAG-AFTRA officially on strike, San Diego Comic-Con—which was already expecting a diminished Hollywood presence in light of the ongoing WGA strike—has started announcing panels that will be dropping off its schedule, including Prime Video’s Wheel of Time and AMC’s Interview With the Vampire.

Comic-Con’s schedule is never set in stone—anyone who attended in 2022, for instance, may have noticed events disappearing here and there for reasons relating to covid precautions, and even in the most “normal” year things can shift around. But 2023, the second year back as an in-person event after two years off during the pandemic, is shaping up to be especially unique.

SDCC is clearly aware that fans are eager to keep track of what to expect, especially if they’re tailoring their convention visit around a specific fandom. A dedicated page is now live keeping track of schedule changes (there are separate sections for “panels” and “autographs”). For io9 readers, the main exits so far are Prime Video’s Wheel of Time, which has its second season premiering in September, and The Boys spin-off Gen V, also arriving this fall; as well as AMC series Interview With the Vampire, which has a second season on the way, and the new Orphan Black: Echoes, expected later this year.

Though more changes seem likely as the event approaches—preview night is July 19, and the event runs through July 23—the SDCC schedule still has plenty on offer. io9 will be there reporting on what’s sure to be an unusual year.

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