The Best Android Phones That’ll Cost You Less Than $1,000

The Best Android Phones That’ll Cost You Less Than $1,000

While there are plenty of terrific Android phones out there, it’s difficult to know which cheap ones are bricks and which ones are actually worth spending money on. After all, you want a device that’ll last you three or so years and some phones cost well over the $1,500 price point (looking at you, Apple and Samsung), but frankly, you don’t need to get a phone that’s this expensive.

Cheap Android phones are pretty easy to get used to. I’ve used enough of them at this point to be able to confidently say that the price-to-feature difference between a cheap Android phone and a more expensive one isn’t usually that impressive.

And not that I hope to completely convince you of that with this article, but I’d just like to give you some inspiration for cheaper alternatives to the standard Samsung Galaxy S series, the OPPO Find X series, and even the (arguably cheap to begin with) Pixel series.

So, let’s go through it: The cheap Android phones that aren’t paperweights. Keep in mind that we’re not talking exclusively about budget devices and are mostly talking about phones that fit into that sub-$1,000, cheaper-than-usual category.

The Google Pixel 7a

We’ve long raved about the Google Pixel A series at Gizmodo Australia, declaring that the Pixel 3a “fuccs” and that it completely changed the mid-range phone market for the better.

Well, the Google Pixel 7a is no different, priced at only $750 and well worth the price, with one of the best cameras of the sub-$1,000 range of phones, a really nice aesthetic and shape, and Google’s really nice bloatware-free operating system.

If you’re after the best all-rounder, it’s difficult to look past the $750 Google Pixel 7a. The Pixel 7 is also $999 for the 128GB model, if you’re happy to spend that little bit more – but to be honest, the 7a is just as good (it actually has a better camera system).

Image: Google

The Nokia G42 5G

Recently, Nokia has been releasing several budget-oriented smartphones with a focus on user repairability – that the owner can just fix any problems themselves. At $450, The Nokia G42 5G is now the leading phone with this vision, although the company has previously released cheaper DIY repairable phones at cheaper price points, such as the Nokia G22, at $350.

The G42 5G is packed with fairly budget specs, but with the ability to repair all yourself, it offers a tremendous value proposition that is not easily met by the other phones on this list.

Image: Nokia

The Oppo A98 5G

At the $649 price point, the Oppo A98 5G represents the phone maker’s best attempt to compete with the leading budget phones from both Google and Samsung. Oppo is known for offering a refreshing Android-based operating system for people wanting to detox from Samsung or even Apple, and at between $50 and $100 cheaper than the Pixel 7a and Galaxy A54, the A98 might be worth considering.

Image: Oppo

The Samsung Galaxy A54

With many of the features that made the Samsung Galaxy S23 range so good, the Galaxy A54 is a purpose-built cheap Android phone.

The “A5X” range of phones are some of the most popular smartphones internationally, and the A54 is the latest in the series. The A54 sports an impressive battery life and a nice screen, bringing some of Samsung’s best tech to the $700 price point.

If you’re a Samsung fan, this is probably your best alternative to the Google Pixel 7a.

Image: Samsung

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