Fried Barry’s Director Is Remaking Street Trash, One of the Best Worst Movies Ever

Fried Barry’s Director Is Remaking Street Trash, One of the Best Worst Movies Ever

If you’ve ever stumbled upon Shudder Original Fried Barry—the tale of a sleazy drug addict who gets possessed by an alien and heads out for a debauched rampage around Cape Town—you might not be surprised to hear its director, Ryan Kruger, is planning a remake of Street Trash. And if you’re a fan of that grimy 1987 cult classic about a very nasty supply of tainted booze, you’ll be glad to know Kruger seems like a guy who understands the material.

This news comes from Variety, which notes Kruger will be shifting the action from Brooklyn to stomping grounds he’s more familiar with. “Our reimagining of Street Trash takes place in Cape Town, South Africa where the growing divide between rich and poor has changed the world as we know it,” Kruger told the trade. “I was a huge fan of the original Street Trash when I was a kid, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce a whole new generation to the melted gonzo goodness that made the original such a classic.”

The 1987 Street Trash—directed by Jim Muro, who returns as one of the new film’s executive producers—bulldozes through the boundaries of tastefulness with its gory death scenes (including what’s gotta be the best melting-into-a-toilet scene ever), not to mention a plot that revolves around unhoused people struggling to overcome sinister forces both within and outside their ranks. According to Kruger, his new take will keep the gross-out factor that’s made the OG such an enduring favorite, but will bring some fresh nuance to the story.

“While our reimagining features new, exciting plot elements that give the film many bizarre twists and turns, the core of the film lies with our diverse and unique cast of characters,” Kruger said. “As a director, I am very character centric and I can’t wait to see our strange and hilarious ensemble on screen together as they navigate the hostile streets of Cape Town,” he also promises his film will be “raw, hilarious, packed with vibrant characters and multi-colored explosions of gooey greatness.”

Gooey greatness, you say? We’re intrigued. You can watch Kruger’s Fried Barry on Shudder, while his Street Trash will hit the other big horror streamer, Screambox, in 2024.

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