iiNet’s Mobile Plans Are Currently 50% Off

iiNet’s Mobile Plans Are Currently 50% Off
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It’s hard to beat a 50 per cent discount on the price of your phone bill each month so that’s exactly what iiNet is currently offering to customers who haven’t signed with the provider previously for a mobile phone plan.

This promotion is available on any of the mobile plans below.

There aren’t many terms and conditions to keep track of here. If you sign up for any of iiNet Mobile plans above you’ll pay half the usual price for the first six months. After that, your costs will go up to double that. Fortunately, all of these plans are no-contract so you’re free to shop around and find a better deal past that point.

Not to sound too much like a broken record but changing providers is the easiest way for most people to save money on the cost of staying connected.

If you’re after the best overall value pick, our recommendation would be to go with the iiNet Mobile 40GB plan.

This mobile plan comes with 40GB of data each month plus standard talk and text. It’s powered by the Vodafone network, so you should get the same level of coverage as you would with that carrier or the many MVNOs that it shares the network with.

On top of the half-price promo pricing, iiNet will also throw in an extra 80GB of data per month if you bundle this plan with one of the provider’s internet or NBN plans. Check out the widget below for a round-up of your options.

For those who fancy 5G connectivity, it might be worth paying that little bit extra and opting for the iiNet Mobile 55GB plan instead.

As the name indicates, this plan includes 55GB of data each month. As with the other iiNet plans, you’ll pay half the usual price for the first six months. Unlike those plans, however, you’ll also get access to the Vodafone 5G network on a trial basis for as long as iiNet is offering it.

For a sense of what other 5G options are available with this amount of data, check out the widget below,

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