Another Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Broken Down and Stranded

Another Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Broken Down and Stranded

Elon Musk recently claimed that the Tesla Cybertruck is just weeks away from deliveries to the first customers, despite mass production not really ramping up until at least 2025. When the stainless monster first made its stage debut, it was promised to reach the market in 2020, and has already missed five promised launch dates. At the rate these trucks are breaking down, it’s not clear they’re ready for prime time. A third Cybertruck in as many months has been spotted in need of a tow. Instead of being stranded on the side of the highway, however, this one is struggling to accept a charge from a Tesla Supercharger station in Mojave, Calif.

A user on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, who goes by CHC and drives a Ford F150 Raptor and a Tesla Model X, spotted this stranded Cybertruck and pulled in to check it out. Here is their account from the scene:

“Was lucky enough to spot the Cybertruck at the supercharger in Mojave, CA. Just when I pulled up a tow truck arrived. Apparently the truck wouldn’t charge. I spoke briefly to the engineer who was a nice guy and relatively open. He said that he honestly didn’t know the range, as all RCs [release candidates] only display battery percentages, but said something along the lines of “as good as or better than a Model X”. He also said he didn’t know the price, and even suggested that Tesla was still figuring that out.

I parked my F150 next to it, but in all the excitement, I didn’t get the best pictures.”

One of the best things about driving a Tesla is the ease of charging at Tesla-branded supercharger stations. You just pull up and plug in with no worries. If the Cybertruck is having connection issues to the Tesla network, it’s going to be a real problem for early adopters. With just five weeks until some owners (supposedly) take delivery, one would hope these issues had all been ironed out.

Tesla has not yet announced final pricing for the Cybertruck, or any of the specs you might expect for a truck being delivered in just over a month, like power, range, towing capacity, and the like. 

Image: Cybertruck Owners Club forum user CHC

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