Here Are the Top AI Stories You Missed Last Week

Here Are the Top AI Stories You Missed Last Week

If you’re behind on what’s happening with the robot uprising, have no fear. Here’s a quick look at some of the weirdest and wildest artificial intelligence news from the past week. Also, don’t forget to check out our weekly AI write-up, which will go into more detail on this same topic.

ChatGPT Can Now “See” and “Hear” You

Image: Stock-Asso (Shutterstock)

OpenAI really wants ChatGPT to stay relevant. To do that, it launched a bunch of new updates to the chatbot this week, including integrating “eyes, ears, and a voice” to the platform.

Meta’s New AI Features

Photo: Kevin Dietsch (Getty Images)

Like a lot of other companies, Meta is currently racing to cram AI into every part of its product base. At this year’s annual Connect event, CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveiled a number of new AI-driven features and updates.

Amazon Admits to Using Your Alexa Conversations to Train Its AI Software

Photo: George W. Bailey (Shutterstock)

Surprise! Like every other tech company in existence, Amazon is using your data to improve its algorithms. The tech giant confirmed this week that it’s been using your Alexa conversations to train its new AI software.

Getty Launches Its Own AI Image Generator

Screenshot: Getty (Getty Images)

After making a big stink about AI companies using its vast image archive, Getty has launched its own AI image generator. If you can’t beat them, join em’!

The Hollywood Writer’s Strike Ends, with Some Protections Against AI

Photo: Mario Tama (Getty Images)

The Hollywood writers’ strike is finally over and human creatives have won a decisive victory against the movie and streaming studios that would seek to replace them with AI.

Uber Eats Meal Delivery Bot is Apparently a Narc

Photo: Austin Nooe (Shutterstock)

Privacy concerns emerged this week after Uber Eats meal delivery robots were found to have shared video with the LAPD. As companies push out automated robots onto America’s streets, how many of them will end up being narcs?

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