October’s Huge List of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books

October’s Huge List of New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books

The days may be getting shorter, but October’s list of new sci-fi, fantasy, and horror books is as long as ever, with a seasonally appropriate emphasis on “horror.” There are witches, haunted houses, monsters, and more—plus celebrity cameos, like Star Trek icon Patrick Stewart, and a host of new anthologies, including an eerie collection edited by Jordan Peele.

Image: Tor Books

After the Forest by Kell Woods

This tale is set 20 years after “Greta” and “Hans” defeated the gingerbread-house witch—but life for the adult siblings is no fairy tale, with Greta struggling to support her brother and herself with the help of a magic recipe. (October 3)

Image: Peachtree Teen

Before the Devil Knows You’re Here by Autumn Krause

In 1830s Wisconsin, a Mexican American poet sets out to rescue her brother when he’s kidnapped by a strange creature that leads her on a surreal journey through the harsh frontier. (October 3)

Image: PUSH

Beholder by Ryan La Sala

The sole survivor of a massacre that devastates New York City’s fashionable art world must prove he’s not the killer—and becomes “swept up in a supernatural mystery, one of secret occult societies and deadly eldritch horrors with rather distinctive taste.” (October 3)

Image: SparkPress

Blood Divided by Katie Keridan

The Felserpent Chronicles series continues in this sequel to Reign Returned; it follows as “Kyra Valorian and Sebastian Sayre have finally remembered their pasts as the former Felserpent Queen and King, and now it’s time for them to change the future.” (October 3)

Image: Titan Books

Bloom by Delilah S. Dawson

After they meet at a farmers’ market, Rosemary and Ash feel an instant connection. But as Ro becomes nearly obsessed with her new love, she realizes she’s being sucked into dark and dangerous territory. Read an excerpt here. (October 3)

Image: Margaret K. McElderry Books

Curious Tides by Pascale Lacelle

A student at a magic college experiences a sudden surge in her powers after an accident kills several of her classmates—or does it? She’ll have to keep her alarming new abilities secret while she searches for the truth. (October 3)

Image: Tor Nightfire

The Dead Take the A Train by Richard Kadrey and Cassandra Khaw

The Carrion City Duology begins with this tale that takes us into “New York’s magical underbelly,” following a 30-year-old burnout who takes a dangerous gig protecting her best friend—and accidentally dooms the entire world in the process. (October 3)

Image: William Morrow

Edenville by Sam Rebelein

This horror tale follows a struggling author who signs on as a college writer-in-residence—but soon realizes his idyllic new town has dark secrets lurking just below the surface. (October 3)

Image: Harper Voyager

The Hurricane Wars by Thea Guanzon

“The fates of two bitter enemies with opposing magical abilities are swept together in The Hurricane Wars, the spellbinding debut in a fantasy romance trilogy set in a Southeast Asia-inspired world ravaged by storms.” Read an excerpt here. (October 3)

Image: Tordotcom

The Jinn-Bot of Shantiport by Samit Basu

Described as “a mash-up of Aladdin and Murderbot,” this tale takes place on a dying planet and follows a brother and sister with conflicting ideas on how to face the future, something that becomes more complicated when a wish-granting AI enters the picture. (October 3)

Image: Tor Nightfire

Knock Knock, Open Wide by Neil Sharpson

This tale “weaves horror and Celtic myth into a terrifying, heartbreaking supernatural tale of fractured family bonds, the secrets we carry, and the veiled forces that guide Irish life.” (October 3)

Image: Gallery Books

Making It So: A Memoir by Patrick Stewart

The Star Trek and X-Men icon—among other achievements—presents a self-penned look back at his life. (October 3)

Image: MCD

Menewood by Nicola Griffith

This sequel to Hild “transports readers back to seventh-century Britain, a land of rival kings and religions poised for epochal change.” (October 3)

Image: Hyperion Avenue

Midnight Showing by Megan Shepherd

The Malice Compendium series continues as Haven unravels the secrets of her family curse while dodging magic that’s emerged from her father’s final manuscript—and investigating murders at Hollywood studio known for its classic horror films. (October 3)

Image: Sourcebooks Fire

Night of the Witch by Sara Raasch and Beth Revis

A new duology begins with this epic fantasy tale about a witch and a witch hunter who fall in love when they’re forced to work together. (October 3)

Image: Random House

Out There Screaming: An Anthology of New Black Horror edited by Jordan Peele

The writer-director of Get Out curated “this groundbreaking anthology of all-new stories of Black horror, exploring not only the terrors of the supernatural but the chilling reality of injustice that haunts our nation.” Contributors include P. Djèlí Clark, Tananarive Due, N. K. Jemisin, Nnedi Okorafor, Tochi Onyebuchi, Rebecca Roanhorse, Cadwell Turnbull, and more. (October 3)

Image: Arcade

The Owl Cries by Hye-Young Pyun, translated by Sora-Kim Russell

“From the Shirley Jackson Award-winning author of The Hole, a slow-burning noir thriller with a touch of horror and the uncanny.” (October 3)

Image: Titan Books

The Pale House Devil by Richard Kadrey

A pair of paranormal mercenaries, one alive and one undead, are hired to rid a mansion of its pesky resident demon—but as they get to work, they realize there are even more terrifying forces at work around them. (October 3)

Image: Tor Books

The Princess of Dune by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

“Set two years before Dune: Princess of Dune is the never-before-told story of two key women in the life of Paul Muad’Dib—Princess Irulan, his wife in name only, and Paul’s true love, the Fremen Chani. Both women become central to Paul’s galaxy-spanning Imperial reign.” (October 3)

Image: Del Rey

The Quiet Room by Terry Miles

“The lore and legends around the underground game known as Rabbits gain new dimensions in this twisty tale set in the world of the hit Rabbits podcast.” (October 3)

Image: Orbit

Saevus Corax Deals With the Dead by K.J. Parker

A man who’s carved out a life doing battlefield salvage—swords, armor, dead bodies—must figure out what to do when his unpleasant past comes back to haunt him. (October 3)

Image: Grand Central Publishing

The Scandalous Confessions of Lydia Bennet, Witch by Melinda Taub

The wildest sister from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice gets her due in this retelling that imagines the English countryside is full of magic, and she’s a witch figuring out the strength of her powers. (October 3)

Image: Redhook

Shield Maiden by Sharon Emmerichs

“All her life, Fryda has longed to be a shield maiden, an honour reserved for Geatland’s mightiest warriors. When a childhood accident leaves her tragically injured and unfit for the battlefield, her dreams are dashed—or so she thinks. But a strange, unfathomable power is awakening within her, a power that will soon be put to the test.” (October 3)

Image: Tor Books

Starling House by Alix E. Harrow

A young woman desperate to get herself and her brother out of their dead-end Kentucky town hopes the answer lies in a creepy mansion with a strange past: it was once occupied by the 19th century author of a single eerie best-seller. (October 3)

Image: Little, Brown and Company

Throne of the Fallen by Kerri Maniscalco

The best-selling YA author makes her adult debut with this standalone romantic fantasy “about a dark prince battling an impossible curse—and the artist who might be the only one who can set him free.” (October 3)

Image: Tor Books

Yumi and the Painter by Brandon Sanderson

The author “adds to his Cosmere universe shared by Mistborn and the Stormlight Archive with a new standalone novel especially for fans of fantasy romances.” (October 3)

Image: Del Rey

The Art of Destiny by Wesley Chu

“A hero once believed to be the chosen one must find a new path with the help of a band of unlikely allies in the sequel to The Art of Prophecy.” (October 10)

Image: Gallery Books

Becoming the Boogeyman by Richard Chizmar

This sequel to Chasing the Boogeyman tells “a tale of obsession and the adulation of evil, exploring modern society’s true-crime obsession with unflinching honesty, sparing no one from the glare of the spotlight,” with one among the cast who “may be the most terrifying monster of them all.” (October 10)

Image: Angry Robot

The Bone Roots by Gabriela Houston

In this folklore-inspired fantasy, a mother fights to protect her magically gifted daughter from the same creature that snatched her brother decades prior. (October 10)

Image: Berkely

A Dawn of Onyx by Kate Golden

In this fantasy romance, a healer is taken prisoner and forced to use her magic to help the Onyx King’s army. She’ll have to trust a fellow prisoner if she has any hope of escaping. (October 10)

Image: Orbit

The Eight Reindeer of the Apocalypse by Tom Holt

In this novel set in the world of the author’s The Portable Door, the commercial sorcerers at Dawson, Ahriman & Dawson take on a new metaphysical engineering challenge: recruiting Santa Claus to their cause. (October 10)

Image: Ace

An Inheritance of Magic by Benedict Jacka

In this contemporary fantasy, the mega-rich control the world, including all its magic. An ambitious outsider strives to use his talent and infiltrate their exclusive ranks. (October 10)

Image: St. Martin’s Press

Last to Leave the Room by Caitlin Starling

In this speculative horror tale, a cruel doctor trying to discover the reason her city is sinking finds a strange door in her basement—and behind it, a doppelgänger whose motives are as murky as the sinking itself. (October 10)

Image: Titan Books

A Light Most Hateful by Hailey Piper

A young woman who’s estranged from her family struggles to survive when a storm with magical, reality-warping powers hits her small town. (October 10)

Image: Ace

Long Past Dues by James J. Butcher

In this urban fantasy, “Grimsby, the newest Auditor in the magical Department of Unorthodox Affairs, finds himself in hot water when he intercepts a friend’s case.” Read an excerpt here. (October 10)

Image: Orbit

Red River Seven by A.J. Ryan

Seven people awaken on a boat at sea—none can remember who they are or how they got there, and all have a gun. They decide to work together to try to survive, but tensions swiftly rise as the mystery deepens. (October 10)

Image: Flame Tree Press

Silent Key by Laurel Hightower

After her husband’s mysterious death, an ex-detective digs into his equally mysterious life—uncovering a murder mystery and a supernatural menace that is now targeting her young daughter. (October 10)

Image: Harper

A Stroke of the Pen: The Lost Stories by Terry Pratchett

“A delightfully funny, fantastically inventive collection of 20 newly unearthed short stories by Sir Terry Pratchett, the award-winning and bestselling author of the phenomenally successful Discworld fantasy series … These rediscovered tales were written by Terry Pratchett under a pseudonym for British newspapers during the 1970s and 1980s.” (October 10)

Image: Del Rey

Sword Catcher by Cassandra Clare

A new fantasy series from the author of the Shadowhunter Chronicles begins as “two outcasts find themselves caught in a web of forbidden love, dangerous magic, and dark secrets that could change the world forever.” (October 10)

Image: Atlantic Monthly Press

Touched by Walter Mosley

“Martin Just wakes up one morning after what feels like, and might actually be, a centuries-long sleep with two new innate pieces of knowledge: Humanity is a virus destined to destroy all existence. And he is the Cure. Martin begins slipping into an alternate consciousness, with new physical strengths, to violently defend his family—the only Black family in their neighborhood in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles—against pure evil.” (October 10)

Image: Dead Sky Publishing

White Trash and Recycled Nightmares by Rebecca Rowland

This story collection gathers “ a 20-tale meal of cosmic, creature, and quiet horror in platters heaping with unsettling trepidation.” (October 10)

Image: William Morrow

The Witch of Maracoor by Gregory Maguire

The final installment in the Wicked author’s Another Day series follows the granddaughter of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West as she sets out to right wrongs from her past. (October 10)

Image: Head of Zeus

The Best of World SF Volume 3 edited by Lavie Tidhar

This collection gathers “28 new short stories representing the state of the art in international science fiction,” including eight “original and exclusive” selections. (October 12)

Image: Mariner Books

The Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2023 edited by John Joseph Adams and R.F. Kuang

Contributors include Nathan Ballingrud, Theodora Goss, Alix E. Harrow, S. L. Huang, Stephen Graham Jones, Malka Older, Catherynne M. Valente, and more. (October 17)

Image: Union Square & Co.

A Bright Heart by Kate Chenli

“What if you could avenge your own murder? A brilliant young woman gets a second chance at life in this debut YA tale of vengeance, court intrigue, and romance, inspired by classic Chinese tropes.” Read an excerpt here. (October 17)

Image: DAW

Defiance by C.J. Cherryh and Jane S. Fancher

“The 22nd book in the beloved Foreigner saga continues the adventures of diplomat Bren Cameron as he navigates the tenuous peace he has struck between human refugees and the alien atevi.” (October 17)

Image: Harper Voyager

Generation Ship by Michael Mammay

This standalone from the author of Planetside is about the people of a new colony facing “tyrannical leaders, revolution, crippling instability, and an unknown alien planet that could easily destroy them all.” (October 17)

Image: Tin House Books

Hazardous Spirits by Anbara Salam

A 1920s Scottish housewife is startled (and skeptical) when her husband reveals he can speak to the dead. As he becomes part of the spiritualist movement, she becomes concerned that the ghosts of her own past may invade the present. (October 17)

Image: Tor Nightfire

Oracle by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

In this supernatural thriller, people start vanishing after an 18th century ship ominously turns up in the middle of vacant field, and an occult specialist is called in to investigate the mystery. (October 17)

Image: Tachyon Publications

A Stranger in the Citadel by Tobias S. Buckell

“At the revolutionary crossroads of magic, betrayal, and long-forgotten truths, a naïve, compassionate royal and a determined, hunted librarian discover a dangerous world of mortal and ancient menaces.” (October 17)

Image: Orbit

These Burning Stars by Bethany Jacobs

This space-opera debut kicks off a new trilogy, following “a dangerous cat-and-mouse quest for revenge. An empire that spans star systems, built on the bones of a genocide. A carefully hidden secret that could collapse worlds, hunted by three women with secrets of their own.” (October 17)

Image: Tordotcom

Under the Smokestrewn Sky by A. Deborah Baker

“The final part of the enchanting Up-and-Under quartet reminds us of the value of friendship and the price one sometimes pays for straying from the path. No-one’s safety can be guaranteed under the smokestrewn sky.” (October 17)

Image: Delacorte Press

The Unmaking of June Farrow by Adrienne Young

In a small community, woman whose family is said to be cursed searches for her missing mother—while dealing with strange visions, including a mysterious door that opens the way to mending the past and shaping her future. (October 17)

Image: Sourcebooks Landmark

The Witches at the End of the World by Chelsea Iversen

Witch sisters dealt with their mother’s violent death by fleeing deep into the forest. Years later, their relationship fractures when one leaves home to start a new life—and the other reacts by unleashing a terrible curse. (October 17)

Image: Pyr

The Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror: Volume 4 edited by Paula Guran

“From paranormal plots to stories of the supernatural, tales of the unfamiliar have always fascinated us humans. To keep the tradition alive, fantasy aficionado Paula Guran has gathered the most delightfully disturbing work from some of today’s finest writers of the fantastique.” (October 17)

Image: Titan Books

Christmas and Other Horrors: An Anthology of Solstice Horror edited by Ellen Datlow

“From the eerie Austrian Schnabelperchten to the skeletal Welsh Mari Lwyd, by way of ravenous golems, uncanny neighbors, and unwelcome visitors, Christmas and Other Horrors captures the heart and horror of the festive season.” Contributors include Tananarive Due, Jeffrey Ford, Stephen Graham Jones, Richard Kadrey, Alma Katsu, Cassandra Khaw, Josh Malerman, and more. (October 23)

Image: CAEZIK SF & Fantasy

Between Dystopias: The Road to Afropantheology by Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki and Joshua Uchenna Omenga

“A captivating collection of original stories and essays by award-winning authors that celebrates the richness and complexity of African mysticism.” (October 24)

Image: DAW

The Innocent Sleep by Seanan McGuire

The 18th novel of the October Daye urban fantasy series follows Tybalt, King of Cats, as he fights against the mind-warping schemes of Titania to reunite with the woman he loves. (October 24)

Image: Erewhon

Jewel Box: Stories by E. Lily Yu

“The strange, the sublime, and the monstrous confront one another” in this collection of 22 stories. (October 24)

Image: Tor Books

Malarkoi by Alex Pheby

The Cities of the Weft series continues as the murdered Nathan Treeves’ companions head to Malarkoi, a city where they hope to find safety—but find new dangers in this tale of “battle, sacrifice, magic, and treachery.” (October 24)

Image: Small Beer Press

The Privilege of the Happy Ending: Small, Medium, and Large Stories by Kij Johnson

Two never-before-published tales are included in this collection of the author’s speculative fiction from the past 10 years, exploring “gender, animals, and the nature of stories, and range in form from classically told tales to deeply experimental works.” (October 24)

Image: Tor Books

Traitor of Redwinter by Ed McDonald

The Redwinter Chronicles continues, following tales of “shady politics, militant monks, ancient powers… and a young woman navigating a world in which no one is quite what they seem.” (October 24)

Image: The MIT Press

Communications Breakdown: SF Stories About the Future of Communication edited by Jonathan Strahan

“An exciting science fiction collection that looks at what future communication might look like and how our shifting relationships with technology could change this most human of capabilities.” Contributors include Cory Doctorow, Lavanya Lakshminarayan, Ian McDonald, and more. (October 31)

Image: Blackstone Publishing

Dark Moon, Shallow Sea by David R. Slayton

A new epic fantasy series begins with the death of moon goddess Phoebe at the hands of followers of the sun god, Hyperion. A sun knight and a night shade form an unlikely partnership when they both go after a mysterious box hidden in Hyperion’s temple. (October 31)

Image: Tor Books

The Origins of the Wheel of Time: The Legends and Mythologies That Inspired Robert Jordan by Michael Livingson

“Origins of The Wheel of Time provides exciting knowledge and insights to both new and longtime fans looking to either expand their understanding of the series or unearth the real-life influences that Jordan utilized in his world building—all in one, accessible text.” (October 31)

Image: Atria Books

The Paleontologist by Luke Dumas

“A haunted paleontologist returns to the museum where his sister was abducted years earlier and is faced with a terrifying and murderous spirit in this chilling novel.” (October 31)

Image: Gallery / Saga Press

The Reformatory by Tananarive Due

This 1950s-set historical fiction tale follows a 12-year-old Florida youth “sent to a segregated reform school that is a chamber of terrors where he sees the horrors of racism and injustice, for the living, and the dead.” (October 31)

Image: Tordotcom

A Season of Monstrous Conceptions by Lina Rather

“An eldritch historical fantasy of midwifery, monstrosity, and the rending of the world.” (October 31)

Image: Hodder & Stoughton

Shanghai Immortal by A.Y. Chao

“This richly told adult fantasy debut teems with Chinese deities and demons cavorting in jazz age Shanghai.” (October 31)

Image: St. Martin’s Press

Zoey Is Too Drunk for This Dystopia by Jason Pargin

The Zoey Ashe sci-fi series continues as the underworld heiress faces a new crisis: circumventing a crime that occurs live on social media that she believes is a high-tech hoax designed to bring her down. (October 31)

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