Where To Buy Good Second Hand Gadgets This Christmas

Where To Buy Good Second Hand Gadgets This Christmas

Everything is expensive, the Earth is dying, and Christmas is coming. It’s a cheerful time for us all, really. The thing the Earth and the Reserve Bank want you to do is buy less stuff, but Christmas isn’t really conducive to that. So, another option is to buy second hand stuff.

Wading into the horror that is Facebook Marketplace is fine for buying a vintage armoire, or a Lego set, when you’re paying cash in person and the item doesn’t need a warranty. But when buying tech it’s best to buy from someone that will give you a warranty in case something goes wrong.

Reebelo is a relatively recent entrant to the market of second-hand technology in Australia. It’s mostly a business-to-consumer site that sells from a variety of refurbishers to the public, but anyone can sell their phone on the site by filling out a questionnaire and then sending in their phone is they like the quote.

All the products supposedly have to go through 70+ tests, they come with a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 12-month warranty.

The selection on the site is a little limited (though, I’m told it will bulk up in the coming months), but there’s some good stuff on there. 46 per cent off a brand new Segway e-scooter, a used Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 for $1861, Apple Watch Series 4 for $296, and a pristine Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 for $509 are among the highlights.

But, you do also need to be wary and compare prices when looking at any site, really. I’ve spotted some used tech on Reebelo that’s selling for more money than buying the same thing brand new in store with the full warranty and all the benefits that come with that. For example, Reebelo has Apple Airpods 3 with a Magsafe Charging Case for $337, while Officeworks has the same product for $270, and Apple sells them directly for $289.

Reebelo isn’t the only option on the market for refurbished technology, if they don’t have what you want at a price you’re willing to pay.

Apple has its own refurbished store with financing options, 90 days Apple Care support and a one-year warranty. Some of the deals include a saving of $370 off the new price of an M2 15” MacBook Air, and $70 off a HomePod.

Boost and Green Gadgets (on the Woolies Marketplace) also offer refurbished phones. The bonus of the Boost refurbished phones is that most also come with a $35 Boost SIM card or better.

If you don’t need the new shiny thing, but do still want the warranty in case there are battery issues or something, it’s definitely worth looking these options.

Image: Reebelo

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