Microsoft Phone Link Might Let Android Users Turn Their Phone Into Webcams

Microsoft Phone Link Might Let Android Users Turn Their Phone Into Webcams

Android users might soon be able to turn their smartphones into a webcam for their PCs via Microsoft’s Link to Windows app, according to Android Authority.

Some background for folks who need it. Microsoft Phone Link, formerly Your Phone, is Microsoft’s phone emulator, allowing users to link their Android and iOS devices to their PCs.

Android Authority did an APK teardown of the Link to Windows app’s code, which showed “features that may arrive on a service in the future based on work-in-progress code.” One of those features in question is the ability to turn your phone into an external webcam to use in video calling and streaming apps on your PC.

The code suggests that Android phones may be used as webcams for video streaming, alleviating the need to invest in one separately. It’s a feature similar to Apple’s Continuity Camera, which can turn an iPhone into a Mac webcam. Ideally, this means apps would recognize your phone as a camera that can used for video calling or livestreaming.

Android Authority discovered certain lines in the code that hint at video call effects that we could get, such as blur, retouching, HDR, no filter, night mode, stabilization, and auto-framing. Some lines also reveal that there are even error alerts for when your mobile is too hot to operate.

Android Authority suggests that this feature might be restricted to devices that include Link to Windows as a system app, like newer Samsung Galaxy phones and the OnePlus 11.

It also seems like iOS users may not be able to benefit from this feature if it comes out. That’s too bad since this could be a pretty convenient feature if you need a webcam in a pinch since you’ll likely have a smartphone on your person.

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