Samsung Galaxy S24 Passes Through The US FCC – Which Means It Can’t Be Long Until Launch

Samsung Galaxy S24 Passes Through The US FCC – Which Means It Can’t Be Long Until Launch

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S24 has just passed FCC certification, which lends credence to rumours that it’ll make a very early 2024 appearance.

It’s not exactly a secret that Samsung’s prepping its next generation flagship phones, the Galaxy S24 series. Well, we’re assuming Samsung isn’t going to go absolutely insane and rebrand to the Samsung Galaxy FloppyElephant or anything like that, but it’s a very solid bet that the successor to the Galaxy S23 series will indeed be called the Galaxy S24.

Only Samsung knows for sure, though, and if they want that valuable FloppyElephant branding, they know where to reach me.

While device naming is still maybe a touch contentious – there’s some suggestion the S24+ might not be a thing after all – we do now know a few more serial number names for Samsung’s upcoming phones, or at least their US iterations, because they’ve just passed through the US FCC.

Mind you, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a brand try to sell a smartphone under names like SM-S921U, SM-926U or SM-928U. Doesn’t seem to stop TV manufacturers, but they’re a different breed. Except, wait, no, Samsung makes rather nice TVs with weird suffixes too, so it’s guilty there anyway.

All that aside, as spotted by Droid Life, those code names should line up to the S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra phones respectively.

Phones in the US have to pass FCC certification for network use, in the same way that phones here get tested by network carriers in their top-secret testing labs that I definitely don’t know the location of… ahem.

Non disclosure agreements mean that no Australian carrier would ever admit that they’re testing the S24s now — if they haven’t already finished doing so — but it’s a safe bet that there’s more than a few of those handsets currently running on Australian networks, albeit under cover of darkness.

While much of that testing is rather mundane stuff unless you’re a network engineer, there are a few interesting snippets there, including the fact that all three US models will support mmWave 5G, though of course we’ll have to (sigh) wait and see if Samsung Australia blesses us with similarly snappy 5G models when the Galaxy S24 range launches in Australia early next year.

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