Some Of The Coolest And Weirdest GTA 6 Trailer Remakes Out There

Some Of The Coolest And Weirdest GTA 6 Trailer Remakes Out There

2025 is still a long way off, but that hasn’t stopped the Grand Theft Auto VI hype-train from leaving the station. And as fans wait to play the game, some of the more ambitious among them are remaking that initial trailer shot-for-shot in other games.

I’m not surprised folks are remaking GTA 6‘s debut trailer—which arrived in early December after a leak—as the wait for this next entry has been long. The last main installment in the popular open-world franchise was 2013’s GTA V. So, yeah folks have been waiting a long time for their first official look at the Vice City-based GTA 6.

Naturally, with millions of hyped-up and dedicated fans watching (and re-watching) the trailer, some of them were bound to remake it in different games and mediums. At this point, it’s practically a tradition with Rockstar-published games.

We’ve scoured the web and rounded up the weirdest, funniest, coolest, and best remakes and remixes of GTA 6’s first trailer.

GTA 6’s trailer remade in GTA V



GTA Belguim / Rockstar Games

Yup, someone (a few people actually) did the obvious but still cool thing and remade the new GTA 6 trailer using the older Grand Theft Auto V. Honestly, it’s wild how GTA V still looks a decade later.

GTA 6’s trailer, but in GTA IV



Mistor78 / Rockstar Games

No prizes for guessing this was going to be the next remake. Sure, using an older entry (in this case GTA IV) in the series may not be the most surprising way to recreate the GTA 6 trailer, but it’s still fun to watch. Especially if—like me—you’ve spent far too many hours playing these older games and can spot all the locations used in the fan trailer.

GTA 6’s trailer, but it’s now the intro to Vice City



LoadGamePL / Rockstar Games

Now here’s a fun twist! This isn’t a remake of the GTA VI trailer, but instead, it takes clips and assets from it and uses all that to remix the original GTA Vice City intro. Very nice! Also, what an intro cutscene.

The GTA 6 trailer, but it’s actually GTA San Andreas



kikons 78 / Rockstar Games

Okay, the last one of these remakes that re-creates the GTA 6 trailer in another GTA game. This one might be my favorite and it makes me realize it’s been a long time since I replayed all of San Andreas. Also, there are so many of these on YouTube if you are curious to see how different people pulled off the same idea. These are just some of my personal favorites.

GTA 6’s trailer, but as a wild Minecraft mod



EvilGame / Rockstar Games / Mojang

Minecraft is one of those games that will eventually contain everything, so sure, let’s toss GTA 6’s first trailer in with all the other stuff people have recreated in Mojang’s blocky digital sandbox.

GTA 6’s trailer, but ported to the PS1



Jushton / Rockstar Games

You know, as cool and funny as this trailer remake is—and I really do enjoy it—I’m pretty sure the original PlayStation was capable of better-looking visuals than that airboat. But then again, an open-world game as big as GTA 6 on PS1 would probably have to cut a lot of corners to run at all.

GTA 6’s trailer but recreated in DRIV3R



Vortex Story / Rockstar Games / Ubisoft

This one makes me giggle. Driver 3 aka DRIV3R was billed as a GTA killer and was allegedly rushed out the door in 2004 to beat GTA: San Andreas to market.

The end result? A bad open-world game that is mostly remembered today for being terrible and not as good as GTA. Seeing GTA 6 recreated in Driver 3 almost feels like bullying.

GTA 6’s trailer, but completely remade in Morrowind


A fantastic remake that reaches true perfection when it uses Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind’s iconic falling wizard in the best possible way. No notes. Perfect stuff. 10/10. I almost want to reinstall Morrowind again. (With some mods, of course.)

GTA 6’s trailer, but it’s all Lego bricks



Shrimpy / Rockstar Games

I’m a sucker for anything Lego. I’m also a giant GTA fan. So this video is practically catnip for me. Still, even if you aren’t a big GTA lover or Lego fanatic I think this is still worth checking out if only because it’s so well done. (Also keep your eyes out for the Squidward cameo.)

GTA 6 trailer in The Sims 4



DrGluon / Rockstar Games / EA

Finally, a version of GTA 6 that is appropriate for the whole family. I also appreciate this video creator for including a second version that directly compared the trailers.

GTA 6’s trailer, but crammed into Roblox




Every time I see the gameplay of Roblox I have the same reaction: Is this how the game is supposed to look? Do people play this? This is popular? Are you all just trolling me?

And, yeah, I had that reaction once again watching this trailer, but shoutout to the creator for doing a good job matching all the shots from the GTA 6 teaser.

Alright, I think we all need to take a break from hearing that (admittedly awesome) Tom Petty song over and over again alongside the same few lines of dialogue. But yes, the internet is doing what it does best: taking something popular and remixing it thousands of times over.

It might seem like a waste of time, but I think it’s fun and I get a kick out of people bending different games using mods and tricks to recreate specific moments from the GTA 6 trailer. And at least none of these people spend hours researching which SPF sunscreen an NPC in the trailer was using.

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