GTA VI Trailer Goes Live A Day Early: Watch It Here

GTA VI Trailer Goes Live A Day Early: Watch It Here

Strictly speaking, you shouldn’t be able to watch the GTA VI trailer yet, because it was due to release on December 5th US time… which means tomorrow or at best very late tonight for those of us here in Australia, depending on your time zone.

However, it leaked just a little while ago (with a big ugly watermark promoting crypto, eugh), and as a result, it looks like Rockstar’s taken the decision to release a good version of the trailer itself a day early.

And here it is. Enjoy.

Now (officially) begins the painful waiting period for it to actually be able to play, as well as (I suspect) a whole lot of speculation about which parts of that trailer indicate single-player action, and which parts are strictly within the online plans for GTA VI, bearing in mind that Rockstar has basically made ALL the money from GTA V online, and then some.

There’s a reason why it’s stayed on the best seller charts here in Australia for so very long — and it’s not because little Timmy keeps breaking his copy. Which he shouldn’t have anyway.

You’ve also got some time to start saving for it, given that 2025 release date. 2025 cannot come soon enough.

Want more GTA VI coverage? The amazing team over at Kotaku Australia has you covered.

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