Jurassic League, a Movie-Ready Concept, May Be DC’s Next Animated Film

Jurassic League, a Movie-Ready Concept, May Be DC’s Next Animated Film

Over two years ago, DC Comics revealed a new miniseries titled Jurassic League from Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon. The idea is right there in the title—what if the Justice League were anthropomorphic dinosaurs and fought their classic villains, who are also dinosaurs? It sounds like an idea perfect for a movie at some point, and now that might be coming in the near future.

Per Jeff Sneider, Warner Bros. has given DC Studios the green light to do an animated movie about “a prehistoric version of Earth that see heroes and villains as dinosaurs.” As co-head of DC Studios, James Gunn is set to produce the film, with Brian Lynch on hand to write. Lynch has been working on animated movies for over a decade, having previously written the Secret Life of Pets movies and the first Minions, along with helping conceive the story for the first Puss in Boots and Minions: The Rise of Gru.

At time of writing, Gunn—who commonly shoots down rumors or false info—hasn’t said anything regarding Sneider’s reporting. But if a Jurassic League movie ends up getting made, it’d make sense. We already know Gunn has an interest in animation with the incoming Creature Commandos show, and “superheroes as dinosaurs” is something folks haven’t seen before. Dinos haven’t really gone out of fashion so much as they’ve had a stranglehold on them due to Jurassic Park, so if this is how we get more mainstream dinosaur movies, let’s go for it. Plus, one of its covers has a Parasaurolophus version of Green Lantern suplexing Atrocitus, but as a Carnosaur, something that absolutely deserves to be put on the big screen.

Look at this. It’s beautiful.

Given DC’s tendency to adapt different comics for its animated outings, it won’t be much of a surprise if Jurassic League turns out to be a real thing. Hopefully, it’s not the only “Justice League, but x” story they’re willing to adapt—DC Mech’s sitting right there, and is just as ready to be put to film as this is.

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