New Data Reveals the Top Netflix Shows Amongst Australians

New Data Reveals the Top Netflix Shows Amongst Australians

Streaming is such a prevalent part of our lives these days that it’s almost become a collective experience. But do you ever wonder whether other people’s streaming habits are the same as yours? New research by Netflix has revealed some interesting facts about our streaming choices in Australia.

Here are some of the top findings, along with a few unexpected facts.

Random Netflix viewing habits in Australia

Netflix’s research specifically takes a look at fandom data in Australia and how folks show up for their favourite shows, but there are some pretty wild and wonderful facts about our viewing habits sprinkled throughout.

The data was formulated in collaboration with YouGov based on an online survey conducted in July 2023 of Australians aged 13-60 (with a sample size of 1,003).

How many people have Netflix?

Research shows that approximately 68% of Australians have access to Netflix in their household.

It’s the most popular streaming service amongst Australians, with YouTube following at 63 per cent, Disney+ at 38 per cent, Prime Video at 34 per cent, Stan at 23 per cent, Foxtel at 19 per cent, Apple TV at 17 per cent, Binge at 15 per cent and Paramount+ at 14 per cent.

How long are we watching for?

On demand streaming is often the viewing method of choice these days and this data shows that the average amount of time Aussies spend streaming movies and series is 13.6 hours per week, which equates to 29.4 days a year!

There are also some statistics on the all-important binge-watch vs weekly episode debate. As it turns out, 92 per cent of Netflix users said they have completed a movie or TV marathon. Ten per cent of respondents even confessed to having had marathons of between 8 and 10 hours long!

What are we watching on Netflix?

So, the majority of us have Netflix, but are we united in what we like to watch? According to this research Aussies favour comedies (47%), dramas (35%) and documentaries (27%) and thrillers (27%) as their top three preferred genres.

As for specific shows, these were the top answers

  • Stranger Things (36%)
  • Wednesday (25%)
  • The Witcher (22%)
  • The Crown (17%)
  • Cobra Kai (14%)
  • Emily in Paris (14%)
  • The Night Agent (11%)
  • Heartbreak High (9%)
  • Outer Banks (7%)
  • Lupin (6%)
  • The Glory (6%)

Top franchises that Aussies said they were fans of included Harry Potter, Marvel and Game of Thrones.

Where are we watching Netflix?

The answer to this one might seem simple – surely we’re all watching Netflix on our couches, beds or bean bags? Yes, but also, a few of us have found some strange places to watch Netflix.

This user research found that 21 per cent of people (1 in 5!) admitted to watching Netflix while on the toilet. Fourteen per cent said they watch Netflix in the office, 12 per cent at a party and 10 per cent while getting intimate with their partner (insert eyes emoji).

These unusual facts have actually inspired Netflix to set up a “tudunny” instalment, celebrating all those who stream on the toilet, at Hickson Road reserve in Sydney on February 22.

Why are we watching Netflix?

Everyone has their reasons for sitting down to stream something, but it seems a whole lot of us are doing it to relax, with 59 per cent saying they do it to relax and 52 per cent saying they had to watch to avoid spoilers. We also love our comfort movies and series, with 74 per cent saying they rewatch content in order to relax.

Those who are real fanatics for their favourite shows have also gone to some extreme lengths to watch that new episode. Thirty-five per cent said they had stayed up all night (thanks, time zones), and 6 per cent had cancelled a date to watch their favourite show.

The power of being a fan is ultimately a positive, however, with Netflix’s research showing that 82 per cent said fandom gives them a sense of belonging and 76 per cent agreeing it can improve mental health.

Do you share any of these streaming habits? Let us know in the comments!

Lead Image Credit: Netflix