Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Tech News: 5 Things to Know in Australia Today

Good morning. We’re halfway through the week. Let’s get into the tech news.

1. Online Safety Act review terms floated

The incoming review of the Online Safety Act could include protections against pile-on attacks in virtual reality. As reported by itNews, Generative AI and end-to-end encryption protections could also be added under the review. The eSafety commissioner could also get new enforcement powers that address social media platform requirements to upload and display prescribed materials. “So much of modern life happens online which is why it is critical our online safety laws are robust and can respond to new and emerging harms,” Federal Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland said in a statement.

2. Man arrested in Malta as part of alleged cybercrime targeting Australians

The Guardian reports that a man has been arrested in Malta as part of an operation against a cybercrime ring targeting Australians, with the man alleged to have sold and trained criminals in the use of trojan virus software Warzone. “For a small cost, individuals with nefarious intentions could purchase software that would allow them to gain access to a victim’s computer and personal information,” AFP commander Chris Goldsmid alleged.

3. It just keeps happening

Mozilla, the company behind the popular Chrome web browser alternative Firefox, is laying off 60 employees as it welcomes its new CEO Laura Chambers. Mozilla said in a statement, seen by Bloomberg, “We’re scaling back investment in some product areas in order to focus on areas that we feel have the greatest chance of success…We intend to re-prioritise resources against products like Firefox Mobile, where there’s a significant opportunity to grow and establish a better model for the industry.”

4. Apple and Microsoft dodge EU rules

Reuters reports that Apple’s iMessage platform and Microsoft’s Bing search engine have both dodged new rules in Europe under the Digital Markets Act. The two tech giants convinced EU regulators that their services were not gateways for businesses to reach end-users, and as such weren’t subject to regulation under the act. The law targets platforms that could potentially run anticompetitively and opens the door to third-party apps and app stores on more devices, such as the iPhone.

5. More chatbots? Sure, why not

Nvidia is currently offering a tech demo to anybody with an ‘RTX’ graphics card (beyond the 30 series with at least 8GB RAM) a personalised chatbot. Unlike web-based AIs, Nvidia’s Chat with RTX is able to search your local PC files, in case you’re looking for a specific word document or PDF. You know, as if there wasn’t enough AI crap in your life, beyond ChatGPT and pressing Windows Key + C on your Windows computer.

BONUS ITEM: God that’s weird.

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