99 Reasons the U.S. Should Not Ban TikTok

99 Reasons the U.S. Should Not Ban TikTok

The House of Representatives passed a bill on overnight that would force TikTok’s Chinese parent company ByteDance to sell the app or face a ban from the US. It faces an uncertain path in the Senate, and TikTok has a legal case to challenge the bill if it passes. Still, after five years of threats, this is the closest we’ve ever been to a TikTok ban, and the internet is coming to the app’s defense.

Last week, X/Twitter user @destroynectar asked “what video is the reason they shouldn’t ban TikTok?” The tweet has been viewed over 395 million times and more than 10,000 users posted an answer.


We’ve combed through the responses to bring you the best arguments for keeping TikTok alive. Click through the slideshow above to see the best the app has to offer, or just scroll down if you’re on a mobile device.

Did Mrs. Pepper From Blue’s Clues Cheat on Mr. Salt?


It’s called jazz


Breaking news


Es porque no te quiere


I SAW you had a soda pop today!


Not the square hole


How much do you pay for rent in New York?


You’re still doing this?


Look who’s come crawling back


Completely unmanageable


No I don’t think it would bother him


Yeah but you’re god


Dude you can’t haunt here


The greatest movie ever made


Slide Title




You see how that sounds?


Wait so why haven’t you blocked her?


Give it a minute



Legs, legs, face, eyes


Can you do me something else?


My ride’s here


The princess is in another castle


Homie’s dehydrated


Chicken and beef together?


What the f*ck is happening here?


It kinda makes you feel like…


Oh my god slay


Still don’t trust him


Your birthday starts with 19


Just tell me what I came up here for


This plays on a loop in my mind forever


She ain’t no deva


An ancient man


Look at how they massacred my boy


Kinda slaps


You’re telling me I can say whatever I want?

You betrayed me


No but do you get it

Is that Emily?


Her sister was a witch


He knows how to play piano


Dreams can come true


Now that’s what I call dancing


Come on Aiden


It’s ok to let your goofy side shine through


I am definitely Kate




They found out that Ed, Edd, and Eddy stopped playing on the TV


It’s a burrito blanket


We got Cuban Mario


My new favorite thing


I gotta figure out how to make money on this thing


Can you take me higher


Double it and give it to the next person


Look here comes a consequence


I mean if you just tell me what she looks like…


POV: You ask to go to the bathroom


Heterophobic monsters


Is he watching his son’s play right now?


She has a beautiful voice


Can you blame the horse


Are you a witch?


Dance when you hear your state


This is Buck


Look who the cat dragged in


Me and my bestie in the Saw trap


With a little red truck hauling a Christmas tree


It’s impossible for him to stop me


Your honor, my client is the power house of the cell


And you want to ban this app?


I live in the shadows


A flicky flicky willygonker


When I move you move


I married a Shmonguss


Give this child $US1 million


That app is just a bunch of teenagers dancing


“I am in space”


I moved here from Minnesota


This music is not meant to be rapped on


Leave the girl, we don’t need her


That’s no chicken tender




Safety first


When I make my move…


I’m literally busy


Period bitch call me epilepsy


This I know for sure


Pro tip:


Zoom zoom zoom


Can I get an “oh yeah?”


POV: You’re swimming in Gotham


That sure is peculiar


The name’s Indiana Jones, pronouns he/him


Just like the day that I met you


I can’t believe they named our galaxy after a candy bar


I’m currently in the ER don’t send in any more fawken trand requests


Tacos and sushi


I told you to make them meatier…


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