BP Hits the Brakes On EV Expansion

BP Hits the Brakes On EV Expansion

BP Pulse, the EV charging division of petrol giant BP, has reportedly cut 100 jobs of its 900-employee-strong global workforce, with the aim to focus on priority markets.

The company is now reducing its global ambitions, per a report from Reuters, with employees cut and the company now pulled out of several markets.

Ever since February, when the company tipped that it would be profitable by 2025, BP Pulse realigned to focus on the U.S., UK, German, and Chinese markets – four markets, down from a previous 12.

Australia, New Zealand, and France have been marked as potential growth countries, but they’re not among the four priority countries BP Pulse will focus on.

“Our EV ambitions have not changed,” BP said to Reuters, noting the restructure is “a step towards ensuring that we can execute our goals with even greater precision and effectiveness.”

Not that BP Pulse wasn’t, and isn’t still, operational in Australia. BP Pulse chargers still appear to be functional in Australia, per aggregate data from Plugshare, BP Pulse chargers across Australia are operating.

Though the BP Pulse experience isn’t particularly consistent. Most chargers on the network, which operates across the east Australian coastline, are slower than other popular charging networks (at 75kWh), and the way that they’re set up leaves a lot to be desired, usually with two bays and two chargers (one bowser), which can both be used simultaneously, though one is the CHadeMO standard (for Nissan Leafs) and one is Type 2 (almost every other EV). There are also typically no dedicated waiting bays.

In May, BP shut down its home charging project, with focus shifting to public chargers as noted above.

Take it from me, a guy who drives a lot of EVs, Australia’s public charging networks leave a lot to be desired, with long wait times and out of order stations abounds. BP supposedly reeling in its charging plan is a shame, but I’m hopeful that other companies will step up to take its place.

Image: Zachariah Kelly/Gizmodo Australia

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