Moose’s Mobile Deals Have Some Hard to Ignore Dollar-To-Data Value

Moose’s Mobile Deals Have Some Hard to Ignore Dollar-To-Data Value
Contributor: Fergus Halliday
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If you think you’re currently paying too much for your monthly phone bill, Moose Mobile might be the solution you’re looking for. This smaller provider already offers plans with solid value when it comes to data allowances and monthly costs, but that value has been given a shot in the arm with some introductory discount offers.

Here’s what Moose’s discounted mobile plans look like, along with how they compare with what other providers are offering.

What do Moose Mobile’s deals look like?

Moose’s introductory deals last for the first eight months of your plan, which is a tad longer than the standard six months offered by most other mobile providers. Depending on which plan you take, you can save between $5 to $13 per month during this discount period. That’s a total of $40 to $104, which isn’t too shabby.

Moose Mobile is powered by the Optus 5G network, with download speeds capped at 100Mbps. You’re also able to bank any unused data (up to 200GB). Moose’s mobile plans also feature no lock-in contracts, so you’re free to leave them whenever you want.

Mobile plans under $20 per month

With this introductory deal, Moose’s 25GB mobile plan is currently its cheapest option and offers the best dollar-to-data value overall. You’ll pay $11.80 per month for the first eight months of your connection, which is good value when you consider most sub-$20 plans usually have a data allowance that ranges from 5GB to 15GB. This plan also means Moose Mobile has the cheapest monthly plan with 5G access.

While Moose’s 15GB plan has a smaller discount – you’ll pay $14.80 per month for the first eight months, down from $19.80 per month – this isn’t a bad option if you don’t want a phone bill that’s more than $20.

If you want a bit more data while paying roughly the same price, Circles.Life is offering its 30GB plan for $11 per month for the first six months. Once this introductory discount period ends, you’ll be paying $30 per month. So if you’re set on keeping your monthly phone bill under $20, then you might want to swap providers before the price increases. Circles.Life is powered by the Optus 4G network.

There’s also TPG‘s range of half-off mobile plans, which have some good dollar-to-data value. In particular, you can pick up a 45GB plan for only $15 per month for the first six months of your connection. If you’re after the most data possible while paying less than $20 per month, this discounted plan is your best option. Once the discount period ends you’ll be paying $29.99 per month, which is still good dollar-to-data value in that price range. TPG is powered by the Vodafone 4G mobile network.

Mobile plans with at least 50GB of data

With Circles.Life, you’ll pay $20 per month for the first six months, and then $40 per month after that. You’ll also receive an increased data allowance during this introductory period with a bonus of 100GB (to a total of 150GB). Once this six-month period ends, your allowance will roll back to the standard 50GB.

Comparatively, Moose’s 100GB plan is a bit more expensive with less data. You’ll pay $24.80 per month for the first eight months, and then $36.80 per month after that. However, Moose works out to be the better value plan in the long run. It’s full-price is cheaper than Circles.Life and Moose’s plan will maintain its 100GB data cap even after the discount period ends.

If you want the most data possible, you can pick up Optus‘ 500GB plan for $69 per month. This price will last for the first 12 months of your plan, before increasing to $89 per month after that. As far as large data plans go, that’s some pretty unbeatable value – especially when you consider that Optus’ 360GB plan is $89 per month and its 220GB is $69 per month.

If you don’t want to mess around with any form of data cap, Felix Mobile offers an unlimited plan. You’ll pay $20 per month for the first three months, and then $40 per month thereafter. The catch here is that your download speeds are capped at 20Mbps.

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