DC’s Absolute Power Event Pits Metahuman vs. Machine

DC’s Absolute Power Event Pits Metahuman vs. Machine

There are a lot of superheroes running around the DC universe at any given time, and it often causes some headaches for its villains. If you’re a bad guy in that universe, how do you tackle that problem in 2024? With some evil super-robots.

In DC’s big summer eventAbsolute Power (from the World’s Finest team of Mark Waid and Dan Mora, Amanda Waller takes center stage its big central villain. After forming a Trinity of Evil with the Brainiac Queen and Zur-En-Arrh (a split Batman personality inside an android named Failsafe), Waller finds a way to take powers from the Justice League and other metahumans to pass on to their Amazo androids. And in looking to get their powers back, Batman leads the now-depowered Leaguers in a resistance movement where they’ve all got some spiffy new threads, which you can see below.

Image: Dan Mora/DC Comics

While Waid and Mora tackle the main four-part story, there’ll be the standard deluge of event tie-ins, including the Absolute Power: Task Force VIIminiseries focusing on the souped-up Amazos as they go hunting for superpowers. Foro the first three issues releasing in July, Leah Williams and Caitlin Yarsky kick things off with Last Son, who goes after the Shazam family; Depth Charge targets Aquaman’s entourage in John Layman and Max Raynor’s one-shot; and Jeremy Adams and Marco Santucci spin a tale of Jadestone pursuing the JSA. Finally, Waller gets her own origin story in a three-part miniseries from John Ridley and Alitha Martinez that digs into her longstanding beef with metahumans.

Absolute Power will begin with a Ground Zero recap issue on June 25—from writers Waid, Nicole Maines, Joshua Williamson and Chip Zdarsky, and art by Gleb Melnikov, V. Ken Marion, and Skylar Patridge—followed by its first issue on July 3.

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