LeBron James Memes Are Being Used to Teach You Computer Tips

LeBron James Memes Are Being Used to Teach You Computer Tips

I could waste an entire day trying to put into writing all the computer tips and tricks you should be doing, but why do that when a certain basketball superstar can deliver the message much more effectively than I could? Why not recruit LeBron James’ image to teach people about things like RAM throttling, refresh rates, and correct ports?

What the heck am I talking about here? Well, much like the most chronically online person at a party, I’m going to turn my phone to your face and show you memes – but for a reason! See, about two years ago, a meme referred to as ‘LeBron James Reportedly’ started to crop up, as per data from meme authority Know Your Meme. It was great, with the gist of it playing on sensationalist media posts to social media platforms that summarise a news item into a 1000 x 1000 image, with a snappy headline of how LeBron failed to do something, with the world-famous basketballer shown very disappointed.

Back then the meme was mostly used in parody, particularly of RapTV posts, to make jokes about video games, but recently there’s been an uptick in the meme’s popularity to share important computer tips and tricks.

Here’s my favourite, from Linus Tech Tips.

This is actually a super useful one if you’re a computer builder. If you don’t have XMP enabled, then your RAM’s speed will be throttled down to the base value, often well below the value it’s rated to perform at. Don’t forget to enable XMP! You may have had it enabled by default, but it’s absolutely worth having a quick look in your PC’s BIOS to check. I enabled it the other day and immediately saw a performance buff across Horizon Forbidden West, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2022), and Helldivers 2.

Here’s one more aimed towards casual PC gamers.

If you’re after integrated graphics, such as if you don’t have a large, separate GPU and want to use the onboard graphics that come with your CPU, then you want to use that top HDMI slot. If you want to use your much more powerful separate GPU, then I’m sorry to say that the top HDMI port won’t actually do anything for you – unless your GPU is broken and you need to use your PC. That port goes straight to your motherboard.

Let’s end on one that trips far too many people up.

Check your monitor’s refresh rate in your settings! If you’re an avid PC gamer, then you likely want your games to be operating at above 60hz, or 60fps. If you don’t change your monitor settings, then it’ll be locked at the base value offered by the monitor and the cable you’re using, which is typically 60hz. You can change your refresh rate by navigating to Settings > System > Display > Advanced Display, and by selecting your nominated refresh rate in the provided box. You may also be able to change this in your GPU’s settings.

Thank you, LeBron James! All hail King James.

Image: Kevin C. Cox (Getty Images), iStock

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