There’ll Be No More Bluey for a While After This Week’s ‘Surprise’ Episode

There’ll Be No More Bluey for a While After This Week’s ‘Surprise’ Episode

If viewers felt that after the 28-minuteBluey finale “The Sign”—and its unannounced season three coda episode “Surprise,” which dropped on Disney+ last night—that there was a sense of finality to the beloved animated series, it was in a way intentional.

Some fans feared that when the “For Sale” sign went up at the Heeler home at the end of season three—or because the last moments of “Surprise” (small spoiler alert here) jumped into the future with a grown-up Bluey and her kid showing up at her parents’ home—that it could mean the Heelers were going away.

Don’t stress too much: the show will return in some form, but that’s still to be determined by the creatives at Ludo Studio, whose small indie animated show blew up as a pop culture phenomenon that proves that animation is made for everyone. In an interview with the BBC, Bluey producer Sam Moor declared, “No, it is not the end for Bluey. I’m sure we have many more surprises in store for you.” The team is taking a break after creating about 151 seven-minute episodes and the 28-minute “The Sign,” but “We have more in store and we are thinking what would be next.”

The interview also mentioned that fellow producer Daley Pearson has said it would be a “dream” for the team to tackle a feature-length film about Bluey and her family if Ludo’s risk-taking 28 minute episode paid off—and it has. Bloomberg cites a report from market research firm Circana that Bluey accounts for 29 percent of TV views on Disney+. The release of “The Sign” extended episode boasted 10.4 million views on the platform, making it “both the most-viewed Bluey episode premiere and the most-viewed Disney Junior episode premiere ever,” based on a release sent out by Disney.

This is all the more remarkable because Bluey is not even a Marvel, Star Wars, or Disney property; Disney just distributes the Ludo Studio show, which is backed by BBC Studios for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Blueymerchandise has exploded at retailers like CAMP, which did an incredible immersive activation where fans could also meet Bluey and Bingo, as well as FAO Schwarz, which just released a new collaboration. It’s truly a wonder that neither Disney Stores or Disney Parks have gotten in on that action—but hey we like the little guy sorta holding this power. And we can’t wait to see where they wield it next. More seasons and that movie, please!

Until then, you can watch all current Bluey seasonson Disney+.

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