We Need This Terrifier 3 Popcorn Bucket in Our Lives

We Need This Terrifier 3 Popcorn Bucket in Our Lives

With Dune: Part Two, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, Deadpool & Wolverine… and probably Dune: Part Two again, 2024 has truly become the year of the popcorn bucket. And if that trend is to continue, one filmmaker with a high-profile sequel coming later this year wants on board.

Damien Leone, the creative force behind the Terrifier franchise, has publically endorsed a new fan petition for someone to make a popcorn bucket of killer Art the Clown by the time Terrifier 3 hits theaters on October 25. “A Terrifier 3 Art the clown vomit bu…I mean ‘popcorn’ bucket! Let’s go” the writer and director tweeted.

The petition, reported on by Bloody Disgusting, includes the above concept art, a passionate plea for the bucket to be made, and over 2,000 signatures as of publication. However, even if two million people sign, it would still be up to the film’s distributor to get in touch with exhibitors who’d go to designers, manufacturers, etc. It’s a process. Even still, signing the petition couldn’t hurt as it would gauge interest and maybe, even if it couldn’t be made in time, could trigger some preorders. Fans don’t need to eat out of Art when they see Terrifer 3, they just want him on their shelves after that.

You can sign the petition here and keep an eye out for Terrifier 3 in theaters in October.

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