Predator and Black Panther Will Collide in a New Marvel Mini-Series

Predator and Black Panther Will Collide in a New Marvel Mini-Series

This summer, there’s going to be a hunt in Wakanda. io9 is incredibly excited to announce that writer Benjamin Percy and artists Chris Allen and Ken Lashley are teaming up on a new Marvel Comic called Predator vs. Black Panther, a four-issue mini-series that will debut on August 21.

It’s the follow-up to last year’s Predator vs. Wolverine series where Predators (the evil creatures seen fighting both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Amber Midthunder) got a taste of a few new elements: Wolverine’s adamantium and Wakanda’s vibranium. Now, one such Predator is heading to the African nation to obtain the mineral for his tribe, and that’ll put him in direct contact with the nation’s protector, the Black Panther.

There will also be warring Predator tribes, a Predator King, and a whole lot more. Below, you can see the exclusive debut of the cover to issue number one, an image from inside the issue, and a Q&A with Benjamin Percy for the series.

A sneak of the cover for Predator vs. Black Panther #1 by Ken Lashley.

Germain Lussier, io9: At what point did you know that Predator vs. Black Panther would be your follow-up to Predator vs. Wolverine and how did you come up with the connective tissue?

Benjamin Percy: I put all of my creative poison into Predator vs. Wolverine, so it was extremely gratifying to see the reader and retailer response—for the floppies and for the collected trade. The strong sales encouraged the idea of expanding the storyline. If the first installment was about the hunt for a man, it made sense to elevate the stakes and make this book about the battle for a kingdom. There are a number of reasons that Black Panther makes for a great adversary and Wakanda makes for great stage (including the fact that the perimeter shield, when locked down, creates a hunting preserve). But then you throw vibranium into the mix, and you’ve got a really interesting (and fresh) Predator narrative. The Yautja covet their weapons and trophies—and the kingdom’s vast stores of this rare cosmic metal would be impossible to resist.

io9: When writing a story about characters that originated in a movie series like Predator, do you have to adhere to any canon? If so, who do you talk to about that and if not, is there any limit in terms of character or mythology you put on yourself?

Percy: Those who read Predator vs. Wolverine will know that I adhered to canon in a dancing-between-the-raindrops kind of way. Is it officially canon? I honestly don’t know. But I’m treating it like it is, because I want people to feel like the story matters, like the Yautja have been in the 616 all along, hunting.

io9: From the cover image we’re revealing, this looks like a whole new design for the Predator. How was that developed?

Percy: Chris Allen is doing interior art for the series, and holy hell can he draw. He’s such a force—and has such an eye for detail. Every millimeter of his panels contributes richly to the story. He spent a lot of time designing our Yautja, so get ready for a showcase of armor and designs worthy of the Met Gala(ctic).

Interior Predator vs. Black Panther #1 by Chris Allen.

io9: We heard this story has some kind of “Predator King” in it, what can you tease or tell us about him?

Percy: What’s the Black Panther story people are most familiar with? The battle over the throne between T’Challa and Killmonger. I’m channeling something similar to that here—except on a cosmic scale. This Predator King has two sons who are at war with one another. Vibranium might be the weapon that determines their claim.

io9: For someone who maybe follows movies more than comics, how are your versions of Predator and Black Panther in this story different from ones we’ve seen on screen?

Percy: If you’re a comics nerd, I will feed you. If you’re a movie nerd, I will feed you too. And if you’ve never read or seen anything about Predator or Black Panther, you can get fed as well. I want these to be evergreen titles, and the best way to accomplish that is to honor legacy while not overly burdening the reader with continuity homework.

io9: Finally, does Predator vs. Black Panther include any teases of a match-up you might be cooking up next? Or do you have any ideas of who you’d like to see next?

Percy: I not only know what match-up is coming next, I have plans for the match-up that follows it. We’ll see how it all plays out, but we’re for sure locked in for the third story (which I am so, so damn excited about).

Predator vs. Black Panther, written by Benjamin Percy (Predator vs. Wolverine, Wolverine, Ghost Rider, Hellverine), drawn by Chris Allen (Marvel Stormbreaker artists, Black Panther) with cover art by Ken Lashley (Predator vs. Wolverine), is out August 21.

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