12 More Cybertruck Fails That Are Extremely Embarrassing

12 More Cybertruck Fails That Are Extremely Embarrassing

It seems like Cybertrucks are more known for their “fails” than anything else right now.

When Tesla’s Cybertruck was first announced in 2019 it was hyped as a peek at the future of transportation. But six months after finally being launched, the vehicle has turned into little more than a punchline. And countless videos have gone viral showing the Cybertruck in some pretty embarrassing situations.

Cybertrucks are getting stuck on sandy beaches, they’re getting bricked in car washes, and they’re struggling to cross rivers, as one unnamed driver in a viral video learned recently. And all of those failures are child’s play compared to the people who’ve tried to test the safety of their Cybertruck doors with human fingers.

Speaking of fingers, Cybertruck owners are also frequently getting middle fingers directed their way, with young people, in particular, sharing their disgust with this idiotic monstrosity that swarms our public roads. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, for his part, still retweets praise of the Cybertruck as if his life depended on it.

Almost 4,000 Cybertrucks were recalled last month over an accelerator design defect that could cause the pedal to get stuck, and social media platforms have plenty of Cybertruck owners expressing buyer’s remorse. Some people have even canceled orders out of frustration, according to several posts on Reddit, and yet somehow Tesla forums are still filled with people who are trying to convince themselves they look cool in their stainless steel dunce caps.

We’ve got a small sample of the photos and videos that have gone viral recently showing Cybertrucks failing at some of the most basic duties you’d want in a vehicle.


Briefly Serving as a Boat


Tesla cyber truck gets stuck at azula canyon

Stuck in the Sand


Tesla Cybertruck stuck in dunes

Cybertruck Gets Smoked by a Proper Truck


This Guy Can’t Catch a Break

Being Impressed by Things Anyone Could Do With a Honda Accord


Bricked in the Car Wash


“Also Airbags Didnt Deploy”


(Sound on for this one)


Brain Genius




Viewer Discretion Advised…

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