Joe Hanlon

  • The Best Phone Plans For Kids

    Is it about time for your kids to have their own smartphone? Perhaps you’re concerned about their safety and want them to stay in touch, or perhaps you’re just sick of them begging to play Minecraft and Fortnite on your phone.

  • The Best Phone Plans For Seniors/Older Users

    If there’s one phone myth that needs to be extinguished, it’s that older Australians don’t need a great phone or a high-value phone plan. We used to work on the assumption that seniors almost never used their handsets and recommend only the cheapest phone plans, with no mobile data and long credit expiry. What they…

  • The Best Phone Plans On The Telstra Network

    Slowly but surely, Telstra is shedding its premium pricing position. There’s still a long way to go before you’d consider Telstra plans cheap, but there are a few standout options that are certainly good value, like its Mx online only plan, and a number of its prepaid options.

  • The Best Mobile Plans With Rollover Data

    When you consider that most phone plans include unlimited calls and SMS, what we’re primarily paying for each month is data. With that in mind, signing up for a Data Rollover plan becomes a very smart move. Alternatively, there are plenty of prepaid plans available that offer oodles of data at a reasonable price. Here…