• What Changes Once FOXTEL And AUSTAR Merge?

    The long-in-the-making merger of pay TV providers FOXTEL and AUSTAR finally became official this week after being approved in April. What difference does that make for existing customers? The short answer: aside from a few extra free channels, not much.

  • Foxtel And Austar Try And Reduce Their Set-Top-Box Emissions

    If you’ve got a DVR set up as part of your home theatre (and you should – it’s almost 2010 fer-cryin’-out-loud!) you’ll know that those things are always sucking up juice. Even in standby mode, they’re power hungry, ready to jump into action at a moment’s notice to record something for you. Well, Foxtel and…

  • Austar To Offer IP Video In New HD PVR

    According to Australian IT, Austar’s next DVR box will not only feature an ethernet port, but it will let you use it for downloading IP video onto the unit. The box, which is due out later this year, will also feature a USB port and HD tuners. Foxtel’s new iQ2 box also features an ethernet…