samsung galaxy note7 recall

  • Will Samsung Sell The Galaxy Note7 Again With A Smaller Battery?

    The Note7 may live again. It probably won’t be sold in Australia or other first-world markets, but Samsung’s ill-fated big-screen smartphone might make its way onto the store shelves of countries like India, Brazil, Russia and China. That’s the surprising news we’re hearing from a Korean news outlet, which says that Samsung will fit the…

  • Watch Samsung’s Note7 Recall Press Conference Here

    In a couple of hours, a very contrite Samsung will explain exactly what went wrong with the Galaxy Note7. “Following several months of comprehensive investigations”, it says, company bosses are going to talk through the design flaws that caused dozens of battery fires and an unprecedented worldwide recall, as well as what it’s going to…

  • ACCC: Yes, The Note7 Is Being Recalled

    In case you’ve missed all the news yesterday and today, Australia’s government Product Safety division is making sure you get the message: if you bought a Samsung Galaxy Note7, give it up. Don’t keep it. Return it and get your money back or swap to another phone.