Which Part Of The Party Bear Should We Eat First?

So, today was just cruising along as a regular day, nothing really out of the ordinary. Then I got told that a box had been delivered, but that it was “too heavy” and that I’d have to pick it up myself. Inside was my dentist’s worst nightmare in the flesh. In this case, in the gummy flesh.

We’ve covered the Party Bear in the past via the US, but this is a locally sourced Party Bear, sent in to us via Geekify, and it’s kind of terrifying — and astonishingly heavy — in the Gummy flesh. Even the nutritional information is scary; a typical serve is said to be 40g… and there’s 306 servings per bear.

He’s good until March 2013, so we’re throwing the question over to you — which part of the Party Bear should we eat first?

Also, because… well, why not… here’s the Party Bear trailer again. I love this clip.