This Modular Trampoline Looks Like The Most Fun Way To Break Your Neck

This Modular Trampoline Looks Like The Most Fun Way To Break Your Neck

As far as dangerous playthings go, trampolines rank right up there with lawn darts and three-wheel ATVs. But for whatever reason they have managed to avoid banishment, at least until this questionable modular trampoline system starts spraining ankles and snapping wrists.

The Trampolin Modulus system is composed of various standalone trampoline shapes that can be combined to create a larger course. Kind of like a giant slot car track that will have kids flying off in all directions, instead of scale model cars. For some reason even the people behind the Red Dot Design Awards thought that having kids race each other on a bouncy trampoline course was a great idea, giving the company an honourable mention for its creation. And presumably it can also expect a flood of gift baskets from emergency rooms and clinics around the world, thanking them for an influx of kids requiring medical attention. [SMB Seilspielgerate GmbH via Gizmag]

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