Booze-Tracking Bluetooth Breathalyser Counts Down Your Return To Sobriety

Booze-Tracking Bluetooth Breathalyser Counts Down Your Return To Sobriety

An experienced imbiber has a pretty good idea of when they’ll return to the land of the sober based on what type, and how much hooch they’ve consumed. But if you need a more detailed ETA on when you might be able to drive, walk or even stand again, the BACtrack breathalyser connects to a smartphone app for a more detailed analysis of your condition.

Throughout a night of partying the BACtrack’s accompanying app lets you log the libations you’ve consumed, and its database automatically calculates a fairly accurate estimate of how much alcohol’s in your body. Using readings from the breathalyser that are sent to your iPhone via Bluetooth, the app is then able to give you a rough estimate on when you’ll be sober again. The $150 BACtrack also provides detailed stats analysis so you have a more accurate idea of how well you hold your liquor, lets you easily contact your designated driver when drunk, and most importantly, makes it easy to know when getting behind the wheel of a car is a dangerous idea.


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