7 Iconic Computers And Consoles Reborn As Lego Microscales

7 Iconic Computers And Consoles Reborn As Lego Microscales

I have to admit, custom microscale builds are the things that amuse me the most when I wander through in the infinite world of Lego. Miniatures are just more fun — especially when these tiny builds are actually recreations of classic gadgetry.

Sure, you might be gifted enough to build a life-sized X-Wing star fighter or an entire battle scene from The Lord Of The Rings, but building perfect miniatures of real life objects using an absolute minimum of bricks is a kind of talent few of us possess. And Chris McVeigh, aka Powerpig, the Halifax-based Lego builder (and author, illustrator, and photographer) definitely has that talent.

I’ve been looking at his work for a long time, and Gizmodo has featured his microscale Commodore 64 and Macintosh 128k before, but the following gadgets — legendary computers and gaming consoles — are my favourite ones. And the best thing is that anyone can build their own version, since Chris shared the building guides for his creations. In less than 80 steps, you can build an Atari 2600 console with two authentic looking joystick. Have fun!

Apple II

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)

Atari 2600

Macintosh SE

Apple IIc

Commodore 64

Macintosh 128k

And if our selection is not enough for you, follow Chris McVeigh’ work on Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

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