Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Our Favourite Android, iOS, And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

Y’all must’ve been good little smartphone users, because Appaclaus brought a giant bag of new Android, iOS, and Windows Phone apps for you this week. Why is there an app-focused Santa, and why does he visit randomly in the middle of August? Nobody knows. Quit asking and start downloading!



WeTransfer makes sharing photos and videos super easy. Just pick the ones you want, enter your friends’ email addresses, and WeTransfer will send them a link to download the stuff you want to share. It’s free and easy, you can upload up to 10GB of content, and best of all, nobody has to sign up or log in to anything. [Free]


Fragment is a simple little photo app that creates complex and mesmerising images. Take a background photo, then muck around with it to create morphing, folding, kaleidoscopic illustrations that look like they came from the sci-fi future. [$2.15]


EndlessJabber works in conjunction with your smartphone and web browser to let you send texts from your phone number, using your computer, tablet, or whatever device you’re currently using. Handy for discretely responding to texts at your desk, in meetings, or during class — not that you’d do any of that, right? [Free]

The Weather Channel

A significant update brings fresh new design to the familiar Weather Channel mobile app. Phone users can now submit their local weather report (with photo) to the Weather Channel, and the app’s icon can now be set to display real-time temperature right on your phone or tablet’s home screen. [Free]



What’s the point of playing a competitive round of ping pong, flip cup, or Big Buck Hunter if nobody knows how awesome you did? Rankor gives you a place to keep tabs of your scores, and challenge friends or competitive strangers from around the world. Go ahead, show ’em just how strong your Super Smash Bros skills are. [Free]


Vemory automatically picks the best photos and videos from your social media timelines to create a video memory montage of your favourite memories. Somehow, it analyses your snaps, the comments people leave on them, your location, who you’re with, to come up with a “greatest hits” video of your life. [Free]


DSTRUX lets you keep total control over the files you share. Items shared through the app get an automatic self-destruct timer, allowing you to yank them back whenever you want. Recipients can’t save or screenshot the things you share, and you’ll get a list of every person your file is forwarded to, with customisable options for who gets to see what. With this app, your files leave no trace. [Free]


This handy app takes the traditional restaurant recommendation and zones in on the most important part: the dish. Search for the meal you’re craving, make reservations at places near you, and share your best food discoveries with friends and fellow Foodmento users. Covering 15,000 dishes and 40 cities, you’ll be hard pressed to run out of new meals and places to try [Free]

Windows Phone

Appy Weather

Appy Weather is a deeply customisable weather app powered by Forecast.io. Tweak it to whatever you desire, whether it’s graphical representations, text-heavy descriptions, livetile updates, or even minute-by-minute weather predictions. Never go out under- or over-dressed again! [$4]

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