Don’t Get Too Excited About The Gotham City Sirens Casting Rumours Yet

Don’t Get Too Excited About The Gotham City Sirens Casting Rumours Yet

Kathleen Kennedy has new updates on Episode VIII and the Han Solo spinoff. Get a look at the human forms of the Beauty and the Beast castle staff. Don’t expect Neil Patrick Harris to reprise his Brave and the Bold role for the Supergirl/Flash crossover. Plus, new footage from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, and a new poster for Riverdale. To me, my spoilers!

Don’t Get Too Excited About The Gotham City Sirens Casting Rumours Yet

Gotham City Sirens

You might have heard recently that Megan Fox is being rumoured to play Poison Ivy in the recently revealed Gotham City Sirens movie from David Ayer, as talk of her potential involvement in the film has crept all over the internet like one of Ivy’s vines.

However, don’t get too invested in the idea of a Megan Fox Poison Ivy just yet — the original source for this rumour comes from some keen-eyed speculation from the folks at Bleeding Cool. The evidence, for now at least, is simply the fact that Fox has previously expressed an interest in playing the character, and has allegedly received shipments of comics featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy to her Warner Studios address. While it’s always possible that at some point Fox could come into consideration for the role, for now this seems more like speculation that a surefire rumour.

Han Solo/Star Wars: Episode VIII

Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy offers some updates on the future projects, indicating that Han Solo starts shooting in February, and fans might start seeing footage from Episode VIII some time in autumn.

Incredibles 2

Samuel L. Jackson has started recording Frozone’s lines for the sequel.

It’s about to go down… First recording session for…. INCREDIBLES 2!!!!

A photo posted by Samuel L Jackson (@samuelljackson) on

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Alice meets the Red Queen once more, and then encounters her old friends, in two new clips from the film.

Beauty & the Beast

A new theatre display for the film gives us our first look at the human forms of the castle staff in the movie.


Gaze into the faces of Jake Gyllenhall, Rebecca Ferguson and Ryan Reynolds in a new poster for the film.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Wayne Manor wishes you a happy holiday season in a teeny new snippet of footage.

Supergirl/The Flash

Neil Patrick Harris discusses the possibility of him reprising his Batman: The Brave and the Bold role as the Music Meister as a potential catalyst for the two shows’ incoming musical crossover:

I’ve heard about it, but that’s as much as it has been. It was a fun episode; it was a good thing to do… He wears a big zoot suit, from what I remember [and] the song was fun to sing, so I don’t know, we’ll see.


Lost in Space

Mina Sundwall has joined the cast as Penny Robinson, the daughter of the Robinson family. [Deadline]

The Hunted

Lyndsy Fonesca and Elizabeth Cappuccino have joined the Syfy series for its pilot, in a series about siblings coming together to fight (literal) ghosts from their pasts in the wake of the death of their parents. [Deadline]

Son of Zorn

Here’s a new synopsis for episode 10, “Radioactive Ex-Girlfriend”.

With Craig and Edie’s engagement party around the corner, everyone is figuring out who to bring. Alan struggles to figure out his relationship status with with Layla, while Zorn rekindles with his ex, Radiana (Olivia Wilde), who is literally radioactive. All the while, Craig has just received his certificate in relationship counseling and his helping others, but just can’t seem to help himself.

[Spoiler TV]


Archie and the gang hang out in a new poster for the series.

Once Upon a Time

Finally, Lana Parrilla has shared a few new behind-the-scenes snaps from filming on her Instagram account.

We take our jobs very seriously (or at least @iamseanmaguire does) ? ?: @vfxsup #TBT #bts #onceuponatime

A photo posted by Lana Parrilla (@lparrilla) on

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.

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