Oprah Winfrey And Reese Witherspoon Might Be Aliens

Oprah Winfrey And Reese Witherspoon Might Be Aliens

Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon are starring alongside Mindy Kaling as reality-shifting superbeings in the upcoming Disney film A Wrinkle in Time – but based on this latest photo series for Vanity Fair, they might also be actual extraterrestrials.

Vanity Fair shared some images of its upcoming 2018 Hollywood Portfolio, which features some of the biggest stars of the past year, including Wonder Woman‘s Gal Gadot. Featured on the cover are Winfrey and Witherspoon, who are both in Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time, out March 9. However, there’s something conspicuously strange about two of the photos featured in the spread.

If you click on each of the photos, they appear to have given Witherspoon and Winfrey extra limbs! Winfrey is seen on the left with three hands, and Witherspoon looks to have three legs. Oh shit, they have been here all along, hiding in plain sight among us.

While this might seem like a sign of an impending alien invasion, triggered by electing the Winfrey/Witherspoon ticket in 2020, the reality is a lot simpler. Vanity Fair clarified on Twitter that Witherspoon’s “extra leg” is actually the colour of her dress lining, and Winfrey’s hand was a bad photoshop job that’s currently being fixed. Of course, that didn’t stop the actresses from having some fun with it.

Joke all you want, Winfrey and Witherspoon, we’ve figured you out. The out there… and it’s attached to your appendages.

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