Prosecutors Seek Two Years For YouTuber Who Gave Oreos Filled With Toothpaste To Homeless Man

Prosecutors Seek Two Years For YouTuber Who Gave Oreos Filled With Toothpaste To Homeless Man

Moronic YouTube personalities commonly have a problem discerning what goes into a funny prank. For Barcelona-based YouTuber ReSet, his lack of a sense of humour could cost him two years in prison. Spanish prosecutors reportedly intend to throw the book at him for giving a homeless man Oreos filled with toothpaste.

ReSet’s real name is Kanghua Ren and he has over 1.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The videos feature the typical dumb jokes that one would expect from someone who’s 13, but Ren is in fact a 20-year-old man. In January of last year, Kanghua decided to remove the cream filling from five Oreos and double-stuff them with toothpaste. He filmed his preparation and went out on the street where he encountered a 52-year-old homeless man identified by prosecutors as “George L.” Kanghua is seen in the video handing the man some money and the package of Oreos. (The video has since been deleted, but The Independent has a clip.) According to Spanish outlet El Pais, the man ate the Oreos and Kanghua quipped, “Maybe I’ll have spent a little, but look on the bright side: this will help you clean your teeth. I think he has not cleaned them since he became poor.”

Public outcry followed the stunt and authorities got involved when George L. said that the cookies made him ill and caused him to vomit minutes later. He told police that when he found out that Kanghua was famous online he began to fear for his life.

According to El Pais, prosecutors estimate the video earned Kanghua €2,180 from advertising. They ultimately decided to charge him with a crime against moral integrity, and said that Kanghua has a history with cruel pranks — just a year earlier he apparently tried to offer sandwiches filled with cat faeces to children and the elderly. That video doesn’t appear to be on his YouTube channel.

Searching YouTube for “Oreos filled with toothpaste” yields around 6,200 results and the prank seems to be pretty common with little kids messing with their families. Kanghua’s approach was obviously crueler and intended to humiliate his target. He has elected not to testify and is currently out on bail. He’s also been ordered not to visit China, his country of origin. If convicted, prosecutors have asked for a sentence of two years in prison and that he be ordered to pay the victim €30,000 in compensation.

[El Pais via The Telegraph]

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