At Least One Of The Game Of Thrones Spinoff Series Is Truly Dead

At Least One Of The Game Of Thrones Spinoff Series Is Truly Dead

The Kingsman prequel is still on, despite the Disney-Fox shakeup. Legends of Tomorrow is adding an interesting new character for the rest of the season. Get a look at what’s to come from Game of Thrones next big battle, Riverdale teases, and good news for Roswell. To me, my Spoilers!

The Orchard

According to Screen Daily, Thomas Jane has signed on to star in The Orchard, a new horror film concerning a sheriff investigating “a malevolent force” lurking inside an orchard.

Kingsman: The Great Game

Meanwhile, THR reports the Kingsman prequel is indeed “moving forward” despite multiple other Fox films get the ax under Disney’s rule.

I Am Mother

The sci-fi thriller starring Hilary Swank and Rose Byrne as a child-bearing robot arrives on Netflix June 7, 2019, according to Bloody-Disgusting.


We also have a new trailer for the Steven Soderbergh-produced Perfect, in which a boy named “Vessel 13″ visits a genetic-engineering clinic.

Game of Thrones Spinoffs

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Bryan Cogman confirmed that his time with the franchise is over for now—because the spinoff series he was attached to is officially scrubbed:

I’m definitely leaving. I was developing one of the successor shows with George. George has worked with a bunch of the writers, including Jane [Goldman], whose show is being done [as a pilot]. My prequel show is not happening and will not happen. HBO decided to go a different way. I’m working with Amazon now and helping them out with their shows. So, it is a goodbye. I am done with Westeros. It’s wonderfully bittersweet. I’ll certainly miss it, but I’m excited to go out on my own and try to be in the captain’s chair of my own projects, armed with everything I’ve learned.

Don’t worry, that other one is still on the way.

Legends of Tomorrow

Deadline reports Sia Grey, the actress who plays Mona’s werewolf alter-ego, “Wolfie,” will continue to play the character “for the remainder of the season.”

Roswell, New Mexico

Good news — TV Line confirms the Roswell reboot has been renewed for a second season at the CW.

The 100

Even more good news—as previously rumoured, The 100 has officially been renewed for a seventh season, just days ahead of its sixth season premiere.[TV Line]


Spoiler TV has synopses for the two-part series finale of Shadowhunters.

Episode 3.21 – Alliance

In the first part of the series finale, Clary comes up with a plan that will bring Shadowhunters and Downworlders together, as Alec struggles for a way to help Magnus.

Episode 3.22 – All Good Things…

In the second part of the series finale, Jonathan begins his reign of vengeful terror as the Shadowhunters try to find a way to stop him. With only one hope, Clary must make a sacrifice that could have long-lasting implications for all. Meanwhile, wedding bells are in the air for one special couple.

Cloak & Dagger

Meanwhile, Tandy brings down a sex trafficking ring in the synopses for “B-Side” and “Vikingtown Sound,” the sixth and seventh episodes of Cloak & Dagger’s second season.

In her quest to bring down the sex trafficking ring, Tandy finds herself in a difficult and strange situation. Not sure what is going to happen, she always has Tyrone to lean on, no matter what the circumstance.

Adina is pushed to a dangerous edge as she looks to get answers and closure for her two boys. Meanwhile, Tyrone comes in contact with a mysterious figure on his search for Tandy.

Game of Thrones

Entertainment Weekly has photos from this week’s assuredly deadly (and dark) episode of Game of Thrones. More at the link.


Greg Nicotero talks all things Creepshow in a new featurette.


Finally, Betty comes face-to-face with the Gargoyle King in the trailer for next week’s episode of Riverdale, “Prom Night.”

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