Stranger Things Is Getting An Absolutely Mind-Boggling Lego Set

Stranger Things Is Getting An Absolutely Mind-Boggling Lego Set

Even if your familiarity with the kids of Hawkins, Indiana is passing at best, Lego’s crack at beloved Netflix series Stranger Things is one of the most fascinating sets we’ve seen from the company in a long, long time — and there’s nothing strange about that.

Just revealed by Lego, Stranger Things will come to brick-based nirvana next month with this 2,287-piece set, naturally titled “The Upside Down”. The enormous set, including eight minifigures in total, doesn’t just recreate the Byers household, but its sinister mirrored version in the realm of the Upside Down.

The house itself actually floats in the center of the set, suspended in the air by the giant trees flanking both the Upside Down and normal versions, which are sturdy enough that you can actually flip the entire set around to display either version right side up. And, of course thanks to Lego studs being everywhere, you can make it look even trippier by posing Hopper’s car or the minifigures as if they were walking around upside down.

Even beyond that, the house has way more going on — both the Upside Down and real-world versions are built out to feature several rooms recreating moments from the series. This includes the famous wall of string lights used to communicate with the Upside Down — which actually lights up, thanks to a cleverly-placed lightup brick! — or Will’s bedroom, clad in movie posters (and even a place to hold his Will the Wise wizarding hat).

It’s packed with little nods to the first two seasons of the show, and tons of little accessories, from a bear trap to snare the sinister Demogorgon with, to Joyce’s phone, to even a piece replicating Will’s sketch of the Mind Flayer from season two.

No expense was spared for the minifigures either, each of which comes with a bunch of accessories. Sheriff Hopper gets a coffee mug and his shotgun. The Demogorgon includes an alternate head to recreate its mouth flaps being either open or closed, and Will has his bike, as well as an alternate print for his head experessing his terror of being trapped in the Upside Down. Joyce comes with the drawing of Will as Will the Wise. Lucas, Dustin, and Mike all come with flashlights, walkie talkies, and individual accessories like a slingshot or a compass.

Then of course there’s Eleven, who not only includes the blonde wig the kids disguise her in, but comes with perhaps the most important Stranger Things accessory of them all: an Eggo waffle. To boot, if you don’t want to display every minifigure on the set itself, it even has a stand that can hold up to four of them, featuring the Stranger Things logo.

It’s a truly remarkable set, not just for the sheer amount of reverence to the source material it packs in for Stranger Things fans to gawk over, but from a design perspective too, something that is both eminently playable yet also makes for an incredible display piece. All that ingenuity will come at a cost, of course — the set will retail for a whopping $349.99. But considering just how much is actually going on, it’s honestly a price that could be worth paying if this is the one and only Stranger Things set Lego actually gets to make.

There is no word yet on when it will be coming to Australia or New Zealand as the AU and NZ sites have not added the set to their sites.